Givaudan continues to establish direct presence at the source of patchouli oil production

25 Feb 2015 · 09:23 CET

Patchouli field

Two initiatives continue strategy to secure and protect natural perfumery ingredients

• Collection network in Sulawesi, Indonesia
• Farming partnership with GaiaOne Sdn Bhd and Gaya Naturals Sdn Bhd on Borneo, Malaysia

Givaudan continues the deployment of strategic initiatives to secure the long term availability and protection of quality natural ingredients used for perfumery. Givaudan announces the establishment of a collection network on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in addition to the exclusive farming partnership agreement with GaiaOne Sdn Bhd and Gaya Naturals Sdn Bhd in Borneo announced in January 2014. 

Collection network

Around 1,000 tonnes of patchouli essential oil is produced every year, coming, almost exclusively, from Indonesia. Givaudan’s dedicated procurement Origination Team is now established on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, and has connected with hundreds of individual patchouli oil producers to form a collection network that now provides most of the patchouli oil required by the company. Throughout the year, Givaudan field buyers are present on the island, working with local farmers and distillers. They create a direct regular outlet for their patchouli crops, and thus income for the grower communities. Advice and support in the techniques of harvesting, preparing and distilling patchouli is also provided, in order to increase oil quality and yield. The field teams use tablets to collate information about the crops and oils purchased in the Givaudan-developed I-Source programme. Data permits more agile and efficient monitoring of the collection activity and gives insight that deepens knowledge of the market and facilitates swift adjustments, should they be required, to protect quality or supply.

Farming partnership

On the northeast of the island of Borneo in Malaysia, complementing our Indonesian collection network, an exclusive farming partnership agreement for the same ingredient has been initiated with a large land owner. With its farm and a dedicated distillation plant, this open-air laboratory enables Givaudan to develop special, totally traceable qualities of essential oil especially for our perfumers. Here Givaudan has financed plantation machinery, production equipment, as well as new homes for workers.

About Procurement Origination

Givaudan is committed to a greater involvement at the source of critical natural ingredients to both ensure long term availability and improve responsible supply. These latest announcements are part of the company’s strategic focus to deliver the capability to collect and transform natural crops directly from the country of origin. The Company has taken the industry lead to work on strengthening fragile supply chains for natural ingredients used only for perfumery. Givaudan is investing in dedicated teams in countries of origin, known as Procurement Origination teams, encouraging agricultural best practice and ensuring that grower communities benefit in the long-term from supplying the fragrance industry.

About Givaudan Innovative Naturals

The Givaudan Innovative Naturals programme provides Givaudan perfumers and, in-turn, customers, with a long-term, sustainable supply of natural ingredients. The Company’s involvement at the origin not only makes sustainable natural ingredients available but often also leads to the discovery of exciting new-to-perfumery natural products.

About Givaudan

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