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Givaudan launches new consumer-driven approach to vanilla flavour creation

Givaudan has raised the bar for vanilla flavour creation after a significant investment and global research into “what’s next” for one of the world’s favourite flavours. Building upon a strong heritage in vanilla flavours and taste, Givaudan’s inspirational and consumer-driven TasteEssentials™ Vanilla programme optimizes and pushes the boundaries of traditional vanilla flavour toward new and distinctive consumer-winning experiences.

TasteEssentials™ integrated flavour design approach brings together leading global consumer understanding and sensory knowledge, pioneering research in Madagascar and pioneering Chefs’ Council® culinary insights for the development of exclusive new vanilla ingredients and exceptional flavour creation.  Consumer and market exploration spanning over 4000 consumers, 20 countries and 75 of the world’s most popular vanilla ice creams resulted in unparalleled insights into consumer’s emotional vanilla connections and preferences which drove and guided Givaudan’s ingredient, flavour and concept innovation.

Scott May, global head of Givaudan’s sweet goods & dairy division, said: “The launch of Givaudan’s Vanilla TasteEssentialsTM programme marks a significant breakthrough in discovering how consumers in different parts of the world enjoy, think and feel about vanilla.  With Givaudan’s new vanilla ingredients, consumer insights and creation expertise, food manufacturers can now come closer than ever before to achieving truly distinctive, consumer-winning vanilla flavourings that have been extensively tested and validated.”

Givaudan’s extensive vanilla research inspired the creation of more than 500 unique vanilla concepts of which nearly 150 were tested with global consumers to identify an exclusive range of captivating, consumer select vanilla flavours.  As Givaudan flavourist Dave Bratton commented:  “Our aim was to push the boundaries of vanilla flavours.  Seeing the consumers’ reactions to our prototypes made us realize that the universe of what is acceptable and indeed desirable for vanilla is far larger than we had previously thought.” 

In the past, manufacturers have had a difficult choice to make: either use an expensive, scarce raw material with an unstable supply chain, or compromise on flavour profile quality with the use of synthetic substitutes or extracts which lack the delicate flavour and finesse of the natural product.

Now manufacturers have access to the industry’s broadest and most diverse range of consumer-preferred natural and nature-identical vanilla flavourings that will help ensure outstanding product differentiation and encourage repeat purchases.  Additionally, they can achieve a reduced time to market for vanilla flavoured food and beverages through Givaudan’s specialist product and applications expertise and technology, such as its unique ‘Virtual Aroma Synthesizer’.

Givaudan works with manufacturers to overcome the continuing problems of sourcing high quality vanilla products in the face of global supply shortages while also satisfying growing consumer demand for knowledge of product origin and provenance.  Givaudan’s global product sourcing and development strategy addresses these issues through a range of sustainable production programmes in developing countries. 

Notes to editors
Givaudan Flavours is a trusted partner to the world’s leading food and beverage companies, combining its global expertise in sensory understanding and analysis and consumer-led innovation in support of unique product applications and new market opportunities.  From concept to store shelves and quick serve restaurants, Givaudan works with food and beverage manufacturers to develop flavours and tastes for market leading products across five continents.

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