Givaudan enters ethical sustainability partnership for sandalwood oil

01 Dec 2014 · 09:20 CET

A unique sustainability partnership focusing on sandalwood oil in Australia was unveiled by Givaudan today as part of its new Innovative Naturals Programme.

Givaudan's partnership with Mount Romance, a producer of pure Australian sandalwood oil creates a sustainable supply of a specific grade of sandalwood oil, harvested by people from the Aboriginal communities in the southern part of Western Australia. Sandalwood is one of the most precious raw materials in perfumery, known for hundreds of years for its subtle and refined woody scent.

The sandalwood project, part of the Givaudan Innovative Naturals programme, was presented at a press conference in Paris, France. Since the partnership with Mount Romance was signed, Givaudan became the first fragrance house to use the aboriginal source of Australian sandalwood.

A premium paid by Givaudan for the supply of the indigenous grade oil is passed to the harvesters.  This process is audited by the Songman Circle of Wisdom, an independent indigenous certification body. A fund has also been established jointly with Mount Romance to finance equipment which will help indigenous harvesters to continually improve environmentally friendly harvesting techniques. The investment in the new equipment will allow a better collection. As a result, this project means reliable and traceable benefits along with economic and social improvements for these communities.

Wild harvesting of sandalwood in Western Australia is strictly controlled by the government. Givaudan's partnership with Mount Romance supports the arrangements between Mount Romance and the state government and the income from sandalwood oil production is used for actively managing the natural ecosystem.

Innovative Naturals

Givaudan is active in sourcing more than 190 pure and natural raw materials for fragrances. The Innovative Naturals programme aims to enrich the palette of Givaudan's perfumers with new and exclusive naturals.

Having been inspired by nature for 200 years, Givaudan feels responsible for preserving natural resources, maintaining future supply of unique raw materials, and operating a sustainable business model involving people, products, environment and society.

"We have a responsibility in making sure that the natural resources currently used will not vanish in the future and that they are sustainable. It is in our vital interest to secure resources going forward to be able to also create the unique fragrances in the future.” says Gilles Andrier, CEO Givaudan.

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