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Half Year Conference 2006

01 Dec 2014 · 09:09 CET

After Matthias Währen’s review of the first half year results, Gilles Andrier and Mauricio Graber took the opportunity to elaborate on Givaudan’s future profitable growth perspectives and to inform them about on-going initiatives within the company. Over 30 analysts and investor attended the conference which was hold in Zurich.

After a lunch break, which gave the participants the opportunity to further discuss Givaudan’s future, the event was continued with presentations by Boris Schilling, David Schaeppi and Thomas Hefti. Boris Schilling gave the participants an update about the most recent findings in receptor biology. He touched Givaudan’s impressive pipeline of new captives and specialities as well as the role of nasal enzymes for the smelling process. David Schäppi astonished analysts and investors with interesting findings in the domain of the interaction between the senses. As an interesting example for the interaction between vision and taste, he showed that 7 of 36 panel participants described a yellow coloured strawberry milkshake with banana taste. None of the panellist described the same drink with banana, when it was coloured in red.

The final was reserved for the senior flavourist, Thomas Hefti, who explained synergy effects with key ingredients in the world of taste. With a Givaudan proprietary ingredient, Thomas made out of an ordinary grapefruit flavour a juicy, fresh, fleshy pink grapefruit.

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