Givaudan targets broader markets online

01 Dec 2014 · 08:31 CET

Swiss based flavour and fragrance leader Givaudan announced that it is previewing its new online initiative Upon its North American debut in July of 2001, the site will open Givaudan’s palette of world class flavours and fragrances, creative services, and product development to a broader range of customers. The site is scheduled to debut in Europe in November of 2001.

Investments in technology and supply chain efficiencies, specifically those in robotics, make Givaudan’s online initiative possible by enabling the company to efficiently service this market segment.

GivaudanAccess will allow registered customers to make purchases online from a select portfolio of high quality fragrances and flavours that are built on Givaudan’s sensory expertise and market intelligence.

“This is about delivering a competitively priced, premium value product,” said Juerg Witmer, CEO of Givaudan. “The focus here is making our company’s products accessible to a far broader based market, while maintaining emphasis on our existing global partners. GivaudanAccess is the vehicle to pursue this segment of the market where there is substantial potential for growth. We expect the initiative to dramatically broaden our pool of clients by giving us the ability to service companies of all sizes.” Givaudan estimates that the total market for flavours and fragrances generates sales of roughly 15 billion CHF annually; the small to mid tier segment represents four to six billion CHF, reflecting a significant growth opportunity for the company.

“Givaudan has demonstrated its ability to successfully compete as a market leader, with major new product wins in 2000. Now, GivaudanAccess will allow us to compete for a broader based clientele by targeting the small to mid tier market” said Witmer.

GivaudanAccess will operate as a focused, self-contained unit with its own pool of talent. GivaudanAccess has been headed by Bruce Bachmeier since its inception; Bachmeier also serves on the Executive Committee at Givaudan.

GivaudanAccess has a preview site at on which clients can now pre-register.

“When you purchase from GivaudanAccess, you’ll be opening the doors to our creative services and product development tools,” explained Bachmeier. “It is our hope that we will generate online visits not only for orders but for content as well. In many ways we will be delivering the same kind of customer service that has become our hallmark; we will simply be communicating and delivering through an online channel. Of course, GivaudanAccess is available to all of our valued customers whenever our clients need us, but for the first time, GivaudanAccess makes Givaudan’s vision of ‘Creating Sensory Advantage’ open to all companies worldwide.”

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