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The science behind a fine art

Our palette of patented molecules opens up exciting, often never-before-tried olfactive routes and help perfumers to answer the toughest formulation challenges.

As one of the first pioneers of ‘fragrance chemistry’, Givaudan has been marrying blends of essential oils with synthetic fragrance ingredients since 1902. Our portfolio of patented fragrance specialities has the power to surprise: discover new olfactive directions, drive fragrance performance or consider a more sustainable approach to perfumery.

How science democratised perfume

Chemistry has long been a foundation of modern perfumery. Before the mid-19th Century, however, perfumers worked only with a combination of natural essential oils. Fragrance was limited to the odours of nature and was only available to society’s elite. Over the decades, science has expanded the perfumer’s portfolio, helping to protect precious natural ingredients, democratising fine fragrance as well as vastly improving fragrance performance.

Expanding our palette

Many of our ingredients are patented speciality molecules that have been developed in Givaudan’s own fragrance research centres. In fact, Givaudan’s ingredients chemists aim to bring two to five new molecules every year to perfumery. Our spectrum of aroma molecules covers every olfactive family and fully addresses the technical challenges of all product categories, whether it’s a smart designer fragrance, or the richest foaming shampoo.

Our molecules are unique. They bring a distinctive olfactive signature and high performance for long lasting freshness and fragrance performance. For perfumers, this gives a competitive, technical edge; the fragrance won’t fade and it remains stable. And their high impact supports current trends to use less but maintain olfactive presence and performance.

All fragrance ingredients are governed by regional regulatory authorities; Givaudan has one of the largest teams of regulatory and product safety experts in the business, all of whom work to support our customers and the industry as a whole, on all matters concerning product and environmental safety.

Synthetics – the greener alternative

Synthetics can offer a viable alternative to ingredients sourced from fragile or depleting eco-systems. Scientific replication of the magical smells of nature, without damaging rainforests, for example, can positively contribute to the global debate about conflicting demands for land to feed the world. Identifying and isolating the odour molecule, working with perfumers to understand which smell is in most demand, and how it can be applied, has turned Givaudan chemists into molecular designers.