Expertise from our plant-based professionals

From inspired chefs to expert scientists, the people make all the difference at Givaudan. How can our people support you and your product development?

Meet some of our Plant Attitude experts from around the world to learn how their diverse skills and experience can help with your product creation.  

Catherine, Global Product Manager Dairy Alternatives

Global Product Manager Dairy Alternatives

Laurence, Consumer Market Insights Manager

Consumer Market Insights Manager

Plant-based dairy vs traditional dairy: friends or foes?

In this webinar, Catherine and Laurence, our plant-based dairy experts, take you through Givaudan’s 2022 consumer insights research on consumers' consumption attitudes and behaviours towards dairy alternatives. Watch the webinar to learn more about the latest consumer insights.


Claire, Senior Food Scientist

Senior Food Technologist

Addressing taste and texture challenges in plant-based dairy

Join Claire, an expert in plant-based dairy, as she explains how to select the best ingredients and flavours for delicious and market-winning milk alternatives. Watch the video to see how she does it.


Elena, Senior Scientist

Senior Scientist

How to make great-tasting and nutritious plant-based drinks?

As consumers increasingly reach for alternative dairy foods, developing creations that deliver both the valuable nutrition and rich flavour that consumers expect is key.

Elena’s science knowledge has a positive impact on consumer’s health and enjoyment. Read her interview to learn how we co-create with our customers to develop great plant-based dairy experiences. 

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Lydia, Protein Technologist

Protein Technologist

Optimising flavour and colour to meet consumer expectations is how extrusion expert Lydia spends her days.

Watch as she describes some of the ways Givaudan supports customers in plant-based development. 


Rae Shann, Colour Specialist

Colour Specialist

Rae-Shann, our colour specialist, discusses how we co-create, with our customers, new ways to provide holistic food experiences that look, taste and feel great.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about achieving the right colour in plant-based applications.


Kira, Sensory Scientist

Sensory Scientist

Why mouthfeel matters in plant-based dairy

How much do you really know about mouthfeel? Kira is a sensory scientist with deep knowledge of the attributes required for a great sensory experience in plant-based dairy. Learn how she achieves the right mouthfeel in these applications.


Panchali, Technical Director Savoury and Snacks

Technical Director Savoury and Snacks

From animal to plant-based: bridging the taste gap

Panchali’s expertise in both food science and nutrition is a combination that lends itself to the challenges of creating successful alternative protein products.

From working with the base protein to adding cooking cues, Panchali describes the pyramid approach she and her teams use to create authentic meat-like taste in plant-based applications.

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Ruben, Application Scientist

Application Scientist

Delivering juiciness in plant-based meat

Ruben, a scientist who specialises in plant-based products explains a bit about what they do in the Zurich extrusion lab and how to make plant-based products juicier.


Marilen, Senior Development Chef

Senior Development Chef

A chef’s approach to plant-based foods

Marilen, our Senior Development Chef in Singapore discusses a chef’s approach to cooking delicious plant-based foods.

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“Applying the right flavour technologies can be the key to delivering the dairy authenticity consumers crave.”

Walberto, Technical Group Leader

Walberto, Technical Group Leader


Catherine, Global Product Manager Dairy Alternatives

Global Product Manager Dairy Alternatives

Supporting indulgent experiences in dairy alternatives

Catherine, our Global Product Manager for plant-based dairy, explores the challenges of tackling off-notes and delivering great taste in dairy alternatives.

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