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New research on plant-based fish and seafood in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley

Once again we’ve partnered with the great minds at the University of California, Berkeley, to understand the future of plant-based proteins.

This time, our research explored the fish and seafood alternatives market, identifying the main industry challenges, analysing consumer demands and characterising market developments for plant-based protein.

We’re happy to share our key findings with the upcoming release of our white paper: “Plant-based fish and seafood on the rise”.

White paper plant-based fish and seafood Get it now  

Riding the fishless wave: what’s next for plant-based fish and seafood?

In this episode of our podcast series “The protein pros”, join Berkeley professor and plant-based protein expert Sudhir Joshi to learn why the plant-based fish and seafood market is poised to become far bigger than we ever imagined.

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