A wholesome experience of taste and authenticity

While vegetables are still a sensational supporting act for many star ingredients, they are no longer shy about taking centre stage. Our TasteCollections Vegetables is here to help your products shine under the spotlight.

Snow peas

With such a huge variety of vegetables available today, consumers of all ages are consciously embracing these colourful and tasty natural wonders.

Deep-rooted and trending

It’s easy to see why people all over the world are adding more and more vegetables to their diets. Packed with health benefits, vegetables offer comforting moments of nostalgia as well as thrilling new taste explorations. 

They play a major role in the plant-based protein movement, too.

Not only are people (re)discovering the diversity and deliciousness of classic vegetables, but they are also enjoying an ever-growing array of vegetable-forward and vegetable-enhanced food and beverages.

    Do you want to push boundaries with products that stand out and drive consumer preference? Would you like to explore new product positionings, profiles, formats and application segments? TasteCollections Vegetables is designed to overcome these challenges and help you win with vegetables.

    Wellness aspirations meet indulgence

    As the famous saying goes, “Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon” (Doug Larson). While the food and beverage industry takes responsibility for supporting healthier habits, most consumers are not likely to compromise on indulgence.

    From the most wholesome, minimally processed ingredients delivering vegetable goodness and authenticity, to the most advanced fresh flavour signatures leveraging our FreezeFrame® technology, TasteCollections Vegetables offers solutions that trigger and support intuitive health perception. These solutions draw consumers to better-for-you options before delivering enjoyable eating and drinking experiences without compromising on indulgence.

    Upgraded creative culinary experiences

    Driven by health and sustainability aspirations, the plant-based and flexitarian trends are stimulating vegetable-powered culinary creativity in mainstream segments. But that’s not the only reason why consumers choose vegetables. Food is also a passport to an infinite world of adventures, and TasteCollections Vegetables can make the journey even more exciting. Think kettle-cooked or flame-roasted vegetable ingredients, complex flavours that recreate the richness of home cooking, or ready-to-use integrated solutions that blend operational convenience with superior taste.

    TasteCollections Vegetables is your ticket to vibrant food experiences that deliver immediate indulgence and create lifelong memories.