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Meeting the challenge of healthier savoury choices, rich in taste

Imagine the delicious aroma of your favourite family recipe simmering on the stove.

Oven dish with chicken

For consumers around the world, savoury foods rhyme with comfort foods, but demand for healthier, yet still comforting, options continues to rise. Constant innovation in savoury taste makes meeting the demands of today possible.

Healthy, tasty, convenient

While there have been dramatic improvements in convenience foods over the past three to four decades, consumers have high expectations when it comes to taste and authenticity.

Health and wellness trends in the savoury category are driven by a need for healthier options that are plant-based and/or lower in salt, fat and sugar. And, while these are now expected by consumers, there also remains an expectation for great taste.

Givaudan’s savoury experts are solely focused on bringing superior taste experiences to packaged foods and snacks, from plant-based burgers to chips, opening waves of opportunities to our customers, helping them to meet consumer needs and demands.

It takes a combination of consumer insights, culinary and technical skills, years of experience, an innovative mindset, and an amazing product portfolio to make this happen.

Your savoury partner

Givaudan’s heritage spans centuries, equipping us to solve the challenges of today. Building on our leadership in savoury flavours, we have extended our capabilities to include complete taste, sensory and nutritional solutions. With a holistic view and consumer-focused approach, we help our customers as they create soups, bouillons, ready meals, sauces and dips, noodle dishes, processed meat and snacks, and a variety of plant-based foods.

The recognised leader in popular savoury flavour icons, such as beef and chicken, we go to great lengths to create authentic flavours to suit the diversity of international palates. Givaudan addresses the nutritional concerns of today’s consumer, creating balance and putting back flavour, when needed.

From salt reduction, umami, richness and freshness, to culinary and vegetable inclusions, to rich colours, antioxidants and natural preservatives, Givaudan offers a wide range of healthier savoury options that enable consumers to keep a closer watch on their dietary and nutritional needs.

Plant Attitude

Consumers’ shift to plant-based products in recent years has been astounding – a movement from niche to mainstream in a short period of time. Our focus on alternative proteins started many years ago, so as interest and demand grew, we were positioned and ready to help our customers make great products.

Plant Attitude is our approach to the alternative protein movement across all categories, including those in savoury, such as plant-based meat alternatives and plant-based fish and seafood.

We’re pushing the boundaries, making sure that consumers are satisfied with the tastefulness and healthfulness of their plant-based eating experience.

Our savoury-specific solutions

Finding savoury inspiration

Not sure where to begin? Take advantage of our tools and programmes designed to support our customers in imagining the future of food.

  • Givaudan’s Chef’s Council – collaborating with culinary masters to create tomorrow’s industry breakthroughs.
  • Givaudan’s discovery treks – take your taste buds on a journey in search of new flavours in some of the world’s most remote locations and finest kitchens.
  • FlavourVision® – stay ahead of the game by transforming trends into flavours through our unique insights that connect global markets with consumers.

See how we can support your next savoury creation.

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