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Enhancing seniors’ wellbeing with our Silver Radiance™ programme

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  • Seniors’ quality of life
  • Science-backed fragrance solutions
  • Combining neuroscience research with consumer insights
  • Positive impact of seniors’ wellbeing
  • Active Beauty solutions
Seniors’ quality of life
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Discover our holistic, science-backed fragrance solutions to meet the needs of the world’s fastest-growing age group. 

Givaudan just launched a ground-breaking new programme focusing exclusively on the silver generation. Through extensive neuroscience and consumer research, we have deepened our understanding of the needs of over-55s in the context of fragrance and its connection to wellbeing. Now, we are using this knowledge to apply and develop fragrance solutions to enhance seniors’ quality of life – from better sleep quality to higher energy levels.

Science-backed fragrance solutions
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The bigger picture

Longer life expectancy and declining birth rates are dramatically changing the demographics of the globe towards a growing ageing population. However, when it comes to developing new products, the needs of older consumers are not always considered. Now, Givaudan is on a mission to change that, with our Silver Radiance™ programme.

Did you know?

According to the WHO,
the number of people
aged 60 and over
is expected to double
2000 and 2050.

In 2050,
more than
1 in 5 people
will be 60 years
or older.

Healthy ageing is not only about prolonging life; it’s also about improving quality of life while ageing. 

Combining neuroscience research with consumer insights
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Combining neuroscience research with consumer insights

Givaudan has been studying wellbeing since the 1970s, including specific work on seniors initiated almost ten years ago. The Silver Radiance™ programme aims to bring concrete innovations and solutions to this population, through a holistic approach towards emotional, behavioural and physical benefits.

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The Silver Radiance™ programme aims to bring concrete innovations and solutions to this population, through a holistic approach that supports wellbeing with emotional, behavioural and physical benefits.  

The first step was to understand how the physiological changes that come with ageing, including the impact on the sense of smell, can affect seniors’ wellbeing. To do this, through open innovation we collected data from more than 7,000 seniors in 11 countries around the world.

This enabled us to identify which of our existing solutions best suit this population, and to validate our findings. Looking ahead, it will also allow us to develop new, targeted technologies for seniors.

    Introducing the Silver Radiance™ solutions

    A unique portfolio of technologies and active ingredients that answers seniors’ specific needs


    Sleep: DreamScentz™

    Our research shows that poor quality sleep is one of the factors that has a negative impact on the silver generation’s wellbeing. DreamScentz™ helps seniors prepare for a good night’s sleep by contributing to a calm atmosphere – so they can have a better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.



    Energy: MoodScentz™+

    Many seniors reported lower energy levels as they get older, but remaining active is an essential part of healthy ageing. Designed to awaken the senses, MoodScentz™+ Invigorating can help seniors to feel uplifted and invigorated in their daily lives.


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    Wellbeing: VivaScentz™

    Mental wellbeing plays a key role in healthy ageing. Our VivaScentz™ technology helps to boost feel good feelings by infusing consumers’ environment with a wellbeing enhancing scent.


    Positive impact of seniors’ wellbeing
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    Positive impact of seniors’ wellbeing

    “It’s so important to study this rapidly growing and incredibly diverse demographic. As we’ve discovered through our research, fragrance offers lots of exciting possibilities to positively impact seniors’ wellbeing.”

    Emily, Givaudan Neuroscience Researcher

    “It has been extremely rewarding to develop a better understanding of the needs of the silver generation, and how these are connected to fragrance. Now the journey has begun, we look forward to discovering even more opportunities to help seniors and support brands in the process of embracing healthy ageing.”

    Simon, Head of Givaudan's Health & Well-Being Centre of Excellence in the UK


    Did you know that we also have Active Beauty solutions for silver population?

    Active Beauty solutions
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    Active Beauty solutions

    We also offer a range of Active Beauty solutions to support seniors’ wellbeing

    Your co-creation partner for silver generation solutions

    Through the Silver Radiance™ programme, we can help you to develop solutions that support over-55s all over the world to feel and look their best.

    Contact us to find out more about our co-creating with Givaudan.