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Givaudan at Expo West 2022

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  • Holistic food experiences
  • Shaping the future of food, together
  • Plant-based alternatives
  • Functional beverages
  • Health and nutrition
  • ‘Does Good’ Food Experiences
Holistic food experiences
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Today, more than ever before, consumers are increasingly looking for holistic food experiences. 

Are you interested in finding out what’s trending in the plant-based wellness category?
Do you want to know what health benefits consumers are looking for and how we can help you create functional beverages that deliver them? 
Are you providing innovative solutions to consumers interested in health & nutrition? 

Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing returned live, in-person to Expo West this year. Learn how Givaudan is your B2B co-creation partner of choice. We offer complete solutions from the ground up: flavor, taste, texture, stability, color, botanicals, intuitive benefits, and clinically proven benefits. 

Shaping the future of food, together
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Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing exhibited at Expo West displaying our expertise in the development of plant-based foods, functional beverages and health & nutrition.    

Understand how Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing is a leader in flavor, taste and natural ingredients for the food & beverage and the health & wellness industries.  

Our  Health & Wellness zone featured Lifenol, a botanical extract of hops proven to promote healthy aging & improve quality of life in menopausal & postmenopausal women. 

View our  progressive food journey attendees took part in as we shared our concepts throughout the day, delighting you from your morning breakfast to a plant-based protein lunch, ending your day with a functional beverage mocktail. 


Explore the concepts we will exhibit at Expo West: 

Plant-based alternatives
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Now more than ever, consumers are increasingly looking for holistic food experiences.

Plant-based dishes

Givaudan offers complete solutions for healthy and appealing consumer products with a clear label through our plant-based alternatives, from dairy, meat & seafood alternatives to clinically proven extracts. From fundamental scientific understanding to holistic product design, we deliver delightful recipes addressing the taste, sense, and nutrition challenges of plant-based applications.

We offer complete co-creation capabilities for consumer-preferred plant-based protein formulas through the powerful combination of Givaudan’s flavors and masking expertise and natural colors, natural preservatives and fruit & vegetable ingredients.


Ride the Fishless Wave: Creating Remarkable Seafood Alternatives

Watch our seminar to learn why the plant-based fish and seafood market is poised to become far bigger than we imagined. Learn how the market and consumers drivers shift the product creation processes, thinking and brand labeling.


Fishless wave seminar
Functional beverages
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Functional drinks have been one of the biggest trends across beverage categories. Givaudan helps you develop products that consumers want to buy, consume and love. With our strength in flavor creation, we work with you to create the perfect beverage with extended capabilities, including wellness and taste ingredients and natural colors.

Our range of botanical extracts for energy, relaxation and mood makes us the best co-creation partner to develop on-trend functional beverages. 

Young woman drinking a beverage

Our range of botanical extracts for energy, relaxation and mood makes us the best co-creation partner to develop on-trend functional beverages. 

Our expanded portfolio covers all of the elements making Givaudan the ideal partner for developing natural, refreshing and functional beverages.


    Health and nutrition
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    Our nutraceutical solutions offer benefits aligned with major wellbeing trends, including immune, cognitive and women’s physical health. All harness the power of nature to provide solutions to common health concerns without the side-effects sometimes associated with pharmaceuticals.

    Our clinically studied ingredients for women’s health, combined with our deep expertise in flavor and taste, allow us to help you create products that delight consumers with effectiveness and a pleasant experience. 

    Embark on a co-creation journey to design your health and nutrition product.


    ‘Does Good’ Food Experiences
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    With our industry-leading portfolio of natural solutions, we deliver great tasting food experiences that ‘do good’ for body and mind. 

    Preparing a broccoli dish

    We provide solutions that enhance the nutritional value of food and support healthy living, bringing more of the natural wellbeing benefits that consumers want.


      Visit Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing and get to know all about our ‘Food Experiences’.