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Discover beverage expertise behind every drop

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Behind every drop
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Co-create delightful beverages with Givaudan and immerse yourself in a story containing expert knowledge, innovation, and nature.

With enchanting flavours, captivating colours, powerful botanicals, clean-label ingredients, and co-creation expertise, we provide multi-sensory experiences consumers love. Our broad portfolio offers holistic and forward-thinking solutions so our customers can stay ahead of market trends, innovate quickly, and diversify their offering.

Keep up with a shifting industry
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Keep up with a shifting industry

From ready-to-drink juices, fizzy drinks, bottled water, and alcoholic drinks – the market is full of products trying to keep afloat in a vast ocean of evolving consumer desires and needs.

Consumers demand functional yet exciting beverages. Uncompromising and adventurous, they want holistic experiences – from sugar-reduced and sophisticated low alcohol alternatives to botanical infusions and relaxing teas. Modern drinks must be innovative if they are to satisfy on every level and pop with every drop.

Givaudan monitors consumer preferences, gathering data and exploring future developments across the globe. We don’t just react – we proactively co-create better beverages.

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Get in the know
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Get in the know

Behind our solutions for impactful, holistic drinks, there is a wealth of expertise and consumer insight-led decision-making. Discover our podcast series where we delve into the juicy details on everything from infusions for wellbeing to the freshness of citrus and the concept of ‘hydration’.

Healthy Beverages podcast episode 01
Episode 01
Immunity for beverages: the power of botanicals
Healthy Beverages podcast episode 02
Episode 02
Hydration is the new refreshment
Healthy Beverages podcast episode 03
Episode 03
When relaxation meets clean label: the power of botanicals
Healthy Beverages podcast episode 04
Episode 04
The freshness of citrus
Healthy Beverages podcast episode 05
Episode 05
Beyond wellness, towards healthier beverages with natural colours
Healthy Beverages podcast episode 06
Episode 06
Botanicals: the new go-to ingredients for energy
Healthy Beverages podcast episode 07
Episode 07
Shaping the future of sugar reduction
Healthy Beverages podcast episode 08
Episode 08
Infusing beverages with natural benefits

Tiny drop, enormous portfolio
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Tiny drop, enormous portfolio

Successful drinks blend great taste with visual appeal, mouthfeel, wellness benefits, and more. Much more, in fact. Our expanded portfolio covers every aspect of co-creation, making us your ideal partner for everything liquid. Are you ready to get a little more natural, fresh, and functional?

Beverage capabilities
Brew, blend and bottle inspiration
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Brew, blend and bottle inspiration

Creativity and inspiration lead to more refreshing and exciting beverages. Our tools can help:

FlavourVision® gives you a platform to discover the trends of today and tomorrow.
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TasteTrek® Citrus
Our TasteTrek® Citrus programme invites you to discover citrus groves across the planet – offering a unique opportunity to experience the fruits first-hand and co-create amazing flavours.
Virtual TasteTrek® Citrus
Virtual TasteTrek® Citrus
Our state-of-the-art Virtual TasteTrek® Citrus tool even brings this multi-sensory journey to your desk.

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