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Deliver food experiences that consumers love with our superior flavour and taste solutions

Taste, one of the most profound senses, can trigger deep emotions, childhood memories and pure delight.

Givaudan specialises in every aspect of flavour and taste starting with the consumer, whoever they are and whatever they eat. We strive to understand the intricacies of how and why people around the world enjoy particular tastes. Our ultimate aim is to make every one of their food and beverage experiences undeniably delicious, using our unrivalled portfolio of taste ingredients and the expertise and understanding to make these solutions perform well.

The process takes creativity, patience, perception, in-depth knowledge and plenty of innovative thinking. The result? Pure satisfaction!

Our capabilities

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TasteCollections is our largest range of flavours and kitchen ingredients.
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TasteEssentials® provides highly desirable iconic taste experiences.
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TasteSolutions® is our range of technological enablers to enhance taste experiences.