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Givaudan marks 10th anniversary of TasteTrek® Citrus with the creation of Global Citrus Collection

07 Mar 2016 - 19:23 CET

Bringing adventure, inspiration and technical solutions to customers around the globe

Givaudan is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its customer TasteTrek® Citrus programme, with an Anniversary Global Citrus Flavour Collection inspired by a decade of exploring citrus in groves around the world. TasteTrek® Citrus has brought customers and flavourists together to experience citrus in its fullest and freshest form, straight off the tree. From rare and exotic varieties, to local favourites, to the most commercially successful fruits in the world, the Anniversary Collection captures the diversity and cultural importance of citrus.

TasteTrek® is a foundational programme at Givaudan focused on exploring nature to discover new ingredients and varietals never before used in flavour creation. Taste treks have taken Givaudan teams to all corners of the world from China to Madagascar, California to Thailand in search of inspiration and ingredients – at their source.

TasteTrek® Citrus was launched ten years ago at the University of California Riverside’s Citrus Variety Collection, currently one of the most extensive, unique and diverse of all citrus collections globally, encompassing more than 1,000 different citrus varieties. The Company has donated USD 1 million to establish ‘The Givaudan Citrus Variety Collection Endowed Chair’ to support and maintain UCR’s Citrus Variety Collection, helping to preserve biodiversity for generations to come.

Since formalising the relationship with UCR, Givaudan has partnered with the Sylvio Moreira Citrus Center, which belongs to the Agronomic Institute of Campinas – IAC in São Paolo, Brazil, home to over 1,000 citrus varieties. In Italy, Givaudan has brought customers to the Oscar Tintori collection in Tuscany, home to over 300 varieties of citrus plants. Treks have also been undertaken in Argentina, China, India and Japan.

Mauricio Graber, President Flavour Division said: “Givaudan is a global leader in citrus innovation and has over 200 years experience of working with citrus. Our TasteTrek® Citrus events are all about collaborating to deliver a superior customer experience stimulating the creativity that leads to unique and winning profiles.”

Dawn Streich, Global Product Manager for Citrus and one of the original founders of the TasteTrek® Citrus programme said: “Our creative approach is backed by superior technical capabilities. With Citrus Development Centres on every continent, we work with customers in their markets to optimise profiles and build stability and sustainability into their products. Our customers experience the same level of citrus expertise, whether in the US, Europe, Shanghai or São Paulo.”

As a result of this decade long effort, and to mark these achievements, Givaudan has curated a 10th Anniversary Global Citrus Flavour Collection, bringing together for the first time remarkable citrus flavours developed around the globe through 10 years of TasteTrek® Citrus.

Some of the flavours in the collection include:

  • Valentine Pummelo (California, US)
  • Sakurajima Mikan Mandarin (Japan)
  • Kumquat Meiwa (China)
  • Sanguinelli Blood Orange (Spain)
  • Perão Sweet Orange (Brazil)



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