Perfection to a tea

Tea drinking has taken many turns in recent years. As well as more traditional black or green leaf brews, today’s consumers seek variety in their ready-to-drink tea options that marry convenience with healthy lifestyles.

Ready-to-drink tea is now one of the most dynamic soft drinks sectors in the global market, with consumers demanding authentic tastes and lots of variety.

TasteEssentials® Tea is Givaudan’s unique programme that provides signature, authentic tea flavours and tastes. 

Glass of tea

By understanding the basics of what makes an outstanding tea profile, we offer a comprehensive suite of flavours, from the fundamental flavours of green, black, red white, flower – as well as varietals of these fundamental types such as Dragon Well (Long Jing), Oolong, Silver Needle, or Osmanthus. 

    By understanding the profile drivers and flavour components used to create different tea varietals, we can perfect the subtle notes that make a product special and unique in the market.

    Givaudan has tea flavour creation experts right in the heart of the global tea culture – in Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai and Mumbai to name just a few. We explore the green tea fields of Hangzhou China looking for the gold standards in green tea. The skill, local knowledge, and understanding of profiles that may be completely unknown in other parts of the world are at our fingertips. We bring this knowledge to other regions to modify and fine-tune the profiles for each country’s consumer taste preferences. 

    With TasteEssentials® Tea we can enhance standard tea profiles using our flavours and taste ingredients to create unique tea varietals with a distinct new flavour. In doing so, we deliver varied, authentic taste experiences for consumers that break boundaries for our customers’ brands.