Givaudan announces divestiture of processed and grated cheese business

13 May 2020 · 06:30 CEST

Givaudan today announced that it has entered into an agreement to divest its processed and grated cheese business to St. Paul Group, a cheese specialist with premises in Belgium and the Netherlands.  

“With the sale of our processed and grated cheese business we aim to strengthen the focus on our core business and continue to drive long-term shareholder value,” said Louie D’Amico, President Flavour Division, Givaudan. “We truly appreciate the contributions of our processed and grated cheese business employees and look forward to working with the St. Paul team to ensure a successful handover.”
Dieter Kuijl, CEO of St. Paul Group, said: “We are delighted with this transaction as it represents an attractive opportunity to further build St Paul’s customer base in ready meals, snacks and processed food. In addition, St Paul will now also be able to offer a wider range of products and applications.”

The processed and grated cheese business acquired from Vika BV contributed CHF 13.5 million to Givaudan’s Flavour Division sales in 2019. The terms of the transaction, which has no material impact on the Division, will not be disclosed.  

Givaudan will retain the majority of the legacy Vika BV business acquired in 2017 and continue to offer cheese powder solutions, vegetable and meat fonds and stocks as part of its natural dairy and savoury product portfolio.

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About St. PaulSt. Paul Group is a mid-sized family company with sales just above EUR 50 mln. The company is a leading supplier of cheese solutions for the food industry and considers itself a solution driven, innovative, goal-driven and reliable cheese partner for the processed food industry with a strong focus on Europe but with considerable and growing sales volumes in the rest of the world. Relying on 8 generations of dairy know-how, St. Paul’s current owner Dieter Kuijl started the production of cheese solutions in Lokeren (Belgium) in 1985. The Lokeren site still operates as St. Paul’s main analog cheese production site, but since 2017 the Group’s headquarters as well as its warehousing, grating and cheese cleaning activities moved to its new location in St Jansteen, the Netherlands. 

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