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We are passionate about collaborating with customers and partners to develop game-changing innovations and holistic food experiences.

For more than 250 years, Givaudan has thrived by embracing new methods and technologies. Today, driven by our Company purpose of ‘creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature’, we continue to look for optimal ways to stay ahead of imminent market shifts and product development trends.

We focus on building long-term, transparent and trusted partnerships with strategic collaborators that have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to support future innovation. Our diverse collaborations encompass leading-edge entrepreneurial start-ups, customers, academia, research institutions, technology providers, consortiums and suppliers in adjacent fields.

Strategic partnerships
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Strategic partnerships

Here are just a few examples of our strategic partnerships:

  • We’re joining forces with the food technology provider Bühler to build a state-of-the-art plant-based innovation centre in Singapore.
  • We carry out citrus research in partnership with the University of California, Riverside (UCR), and work closely with the University of California, Berkeley in the field of plant-protein research.
  • We are actively involved as the flavour expert in the Plant Meat Matters consortium, coordinated by researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.
  • At MISTA in San Francisco, we have developed a pioneering ecosystem of partners including start-ups as well as established suppliers and manufacturers with world-class capabilities to optimise ideas, products, people and address key food challenges.
  • Through our Zurich Innovation Centre in Switzerland, we collaborate with academia (ETH, EPFL) and industry to sponsor fellowships with key talents to stimulate ideas, products and people through Future Food.


A collaborative mindset helps to accelerate innovation in the disruptive natural food and taste ingredients spaces. This, in turn, enables accelerated development of new foods, technologies, alternative proteins, and health, wellness and nutrition – all with a focus on creating food experiences that do good and feel good for body, mind and planet.

Our many different collaborations help us to build a more inclusive approach to innovation and encourage entrepreneurial thinking. Ultimately, this enables us to deliver superior, sustainable solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.