How snacks are taking on a dynamic new twist

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  • Reimagining snacks
  • Clean labelling and healthier snacks
  • Sophisticated palates
  • In focus: Chili in SAMEA
  • Join us and embrace the world of chili
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From nachos to nuts, when we think of having a snack, there’s often the dilemma of choosing between ‘healthy’ and ‘indulgent’. But, consumers no longer need to make that choice: it’s possible to have both.

Snacks have largely been regarded as a traditional segment, but the past decade has seen converging trends give rise to an explosion in new thinking.

Reimagining snacks

The snack market has opened up, with local influences driving diversity, and increasingly healthier options available that mean snacks can now be healthy, indulgent and authentic at the same time. Today’s snacks category is far from ‘traditional’; it is very dynamic.

How snacks are evolving

Here we spotlight recent developments in mature and emerging markets. These shifts reveal regional differences, but share one undeniable commonality: that change is a factor for growth.

Clean labelling and healthier snacks
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Clean labelling and healthier snacks

Givaudan’s Nutri TasteSolutions® offering helps to reduce sodium, fat and sugar while providing balanced flavour profiles. Improving low-fat snack bases represents an important capability: the understanding of succulence as key to the eating experience. This is one of the areas supported by TasteSolutions® Richness.

Building back the mouthfeel experience of a regular snack product helps to make low-fat snacks more enticing. As we see a move to more baked and ‘air-popped’ snacks, using our TasteSolutions® Richness tools to create in-dough mouthfeel and succulence effects will be key to increasing consumer acceptance of low-fat snack products.

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Sophisticated palates
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Sophisticated palates

But equally, consumers today are looking for authenticity and developing increasingly sophisticated palates through experiencing different cuisines. Young adults, in particular, want more daring concepts. That means snacks featuring exotic tastes, or even fusion, where contrasting flavours are blended to create something exciting and very unique.

In focus: Chili in SAMEA
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In focus: Chili in SAMEA (South Asia Middle East and Africa)

Our passion lies in exploring the culinary wonders that chili brings to the table, creating newer and unforgettable food experiences for discerning consumers. Throughout history, chili has played a significant role, whether as a hero ingredient in comforting home recipes, weaving magic for renowned chefs, elevating snacking experiences, or adding an element of fun to beloved noodles.

As consumer cravings for diverse flavours grow, we are committed to satisfying their curiosity by offering holistic chili experiences in meals and on-the-go snacking products. Our team has meticulously analysed chili’s dynamic characteristics, from its myriad varieties, vibrant colours, and tantalising textures to its sensorial play, making it a fertile ground for culinary innovation.

We encourage manufacturers to embrace the heat, exploring even extreme chili profiles like Carolina Reapers and ghost peppers. Consumers actively participate in chili competitions, share their delightful experiences on social media, and scour the globe for spicy inspirations, while we, as experts, gather their insights to co-create our diverse collection of chili food experiences.

Let us embark on this flavourful journey together, turning up the heat from mild to wild, and savour the endless possibilities chili has to offer.

Join us and embrace the world of chili
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