Givaudan acquires 48% of Nanovetores Group

Strengthening encapsulation capabilities for active cosmetic ingredients

26 Jan 2022 · 17:45 CET

As part of its 2025 strategy to expand the capabilities of its Active Beauty business, Givaudan today announced that it has acquired a 48% stake in Nanovetores Group from The Criatec Fund, a Brazilian investment fund focused on innovative, early stage companies. 

Founded in 2009, Nanovetores Group is a Brazilian family owned innovation company known for its unique technology of encapsulation for a diverse range of award-winning ingredients that are sold across the world to beauty brands. Their product design and manufacturing processes follow the green chemistry principles, being water-based and free of organic solvents, and the highest quality and sustainability standards. The company is based in Florianopolis and employs 56 people. 

“It is exciting for Givaudan to invest in Nanovetores as it perfectly fits with our 2025 strategy to expand our Active Beauty business, one of the fastest growing at Givaudan. Nanovetores will bring complementary expertise in vectorisation and encapsulation of active cosmetic ingredients, as well as valuable know-how in developing them in the most sustainable way. This will strongly contribute to our Company’s purpose of creating for happier, healthier lives, with love for nature.”

Maurizio Volpi, President Givaudan Fragrance & Beauty

Laurent Bourdeau, Head of Active Beauty said: “We are delighted to partner with Nanovetores as they will bring smart and sustainable solutions to make our active ingredients even more effective. Their technology allows for the use of less actives with better efficacy, contributing to clean cosmetic formulations in skin care, hair care, personal care and makeup, which our customers are increasingly interested in.” 

Dr Betina Giehl Zanetti Ramos and Ricardo Ramos, founders of Nanovetores said: “We are proud to join forces with Givaudan and to bring in our knowledge of the vectorisation of active cosmetic ingredients. Nanovetores and Givaudan have very complementary innovation capabilities, and we are looking forward to opening up a new world of possibilities for our respective customers’ beauty brands that consumers love.” 

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About Nanovetores
Nanovetores Group is an innovative Brazilian company, with ISO-9001 certification, specialised in active ingredient encapsulation systems. The company is present in five continents and known for its encapsulation technology. The Nanovetores technology maximises the performance of active ingredients by granting protection, deeper permeation and control over the release of the active compound at the target of application.
Nanovetores Group is committed to sustainability. All its products are designed and produced by clean and green processes, and are manufactured using only water as the solvent. The process is completely free from organic solvents, which grants safety for the environment and final users. Innovative by nature, its solutions surprise and go far beyond its products. It is a conscious, humanised and singular company with a purpose to re-signify products with sustainable technology to generate innovation and wellbeing.
Its research, development and innovation team has renowned professionals with more than 15 years of international experience and expertise in active ingredient encapsulation systems. Learn more about this inspiring company at

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