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Rich, natural and authentic chicken flavours

Our ongoing culinary exploration enables us to truly understand the many nuances of chicken flavour, identifying and creating the most natural, delicious and authentic flavours imaginable.

Consumer preferences for chicken, the most versatile protein, vary greatly from region to region, and from market to market. With its delicate taste, the cooking technique used often defines its flavour.

From stocks, soups and bouillons, to grilled, fried, boiled and roasted dishes, we have explored the chicken flavour universe to understand precisely what makes chicken so loved, and to ensure that we deliver exactly what consumers expect. 

Finding local favourites

Through our CulinaryTrek® programme, we visit kitchens all over the planet to immerse ourselves in some of the world’s favourite flavours. And, it’s not just the high-end restaurants we look at: we explore everything from Michelin-starred fine diners to quick-serve restaurants and street stalls frying up grilled authentic local dishes.

For example, when Givaudan put together its TasteEssentials® Chicken range, we visited no less than 40 restaurants in 12 different cities, in 10 countries, to see how chicken is used in a wide variety of cuisines. 

Case study: chicken satay at Jin Sambas street stall in Indonesia

Barbecued chicken satay in Indonesia

Chicken satay – skewered meat barbecued on charcoal – is one of the best-loved meat dishes in Indonesia. The Jin Sambas street stall specialises in expertly grilled chicken satay. Chicken satay is always served with peanut sauce and ketchup manis (local sweet soy sauce), and lontong (compressed rice cake).

The chicken satays are skewered and marinated, and the peanut sauce is also prepared in advance. This technique of barbecuing skewered chicken is a very traditional practice in Indonesia. Each stall offers a unique taste, depending on factors such as the marinade sauce ingredients, type of charcoal and cooking time.

We’ve also explored many other popular chicken dishes from around the world, including yakitori in Japan, laziji chicken in China, and traditional ramen noodles with chicken in Japan.

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