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Preserving processed meat experiences, the natural way

Today’s consumers want it all – fresh, tasty, colourful and natural. Our Sense Preservation solutions go beyond taste to preserve the unique sensorial experience in processed meat products.

Partner with Givaudan and discover how to co-create processed meat products that meet consumer demand for authentic food experiences that last.

Processed meat eGuide

Processed meat e-guide

Discover our solutions for tackling oxidation, inhibiting spoilage and finding the right natural curing alternative.

Download our eGuide and learn how to create lasting freshness in multi-sensory food experiences that meet consumer expectations, spark their emotions and invigorate their senses.

Download our processed meat eGuide

    NaNino+™: a new and true nitrite alternative for processed meats

    Nitrites are a widely used additive in processed and cured meats, such as sausage, ham and charcuterie, where they are prized for their colour development, cured taste development and shelf life management benefits. But nitrites have come under increasing scrutiny, particularly in Europe.

    Organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Agency for Research in Cancer (IARC) have both identified nitrites as a source of carcinogenic compounds known as nitrosamines.

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    Consumers are also leading the demand for healthier alternatives with 61% of global consumers declaring that it is important for products to be natural as they believe that natural products are healthier.¹ In light of these declarations many manufacturers are looking for nitrite alternatives.

      Effectively replacing nitrites is no easy task as alternative solutions must provide the same level of performance when it comes to colour, taste and shelf life

      Colour development

      Colour development

      Cured taste development

      Cured taste development

      Shelf life management

      Shelf life management

      Nitrite free

      Nitrite free

      NaNino+™ is a patent-pending synergistic combination of plant-based products and natural flavour. Used as a nitrite alternative, it provides the authentic cured-like multi-sensory experience, optimised to local preference with a clear and meaningful consumer labelling.

      A new and complementary solution to our pre-existing clean label curing alternatives, Vegacure® S3 and Vegacure® Enhancer, NaNino+™ provides all the benefits of nitrites without the associated risk.

      NaNino+™ is currently available for use in Europe in emulsified sausages where it performs as well as the standard nitrite solution in the key areas of colour development, cured taste and shelf life management. Expansion to other applications, such as ham and bacon will follow. 

      The solution allows clients to formulate emulsified sausages without the use of nitrites. Subject to the conformity of the rest of the recipe, it enables the use of "nitrite-free" or "without nitrite" on the front of pack. 

      Get in touch to find out how we can help you find a clean label curing solution that’s tailored to your needs and to local regulations.

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