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Givaudan Story

Let nature colour your imagination with Sense Colour

  • Meeting your natural colour challenges
  • Delivering vibrant colours in a wide array of applications
  • Expertise in the plant world
  • VegeBrite® Veggie Reds and Browns
  • VegeBrite® Veggie Browns
  • VegeBrite® Golden Yellow
  • VegeBrite® Ultimate Spirulina
Meeting your natural colour challenges
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Bold beetroot, eye-catching carrot or bright blue spirulina? From shelf to plate, colour has the power to expand the sensory experience of a food or beverage product, allowing consumers to eat with their eyes. 

At Givaudan, we are constantly inspired by nature’s palette of vibrant hues. By adding a pinch of imagination, our Sense Colour range transforms natural colours into a multitude of creative, clean label solutions.

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Meeting your natural colour challenges

Today’s consumers are becoming more mindful in their food and beverage choices. Demand for natural, sustainable and easily recognisable ingredients is on the rise, while artificial colours are on their way out. At the same time, social media has made visual appeal and share-worthy food experiences more important than ever. To help our customers meet these challenges and transition seamlessly from artificial to natural colours, we offer a rainbow of solutions – enabling you to reimagine products without compromising on taste or performance.

Sense Colour options

We are ready to support you every step of the way in creating the perfect natural colour solution for your product:

  • Wide range of high-performance solutions
    Choose from a complete palette of clean label and naturally sourced solutions, adapted to deliver performance, transparency and authenticity.
  • Botanical expertise for reliable quality
    Your product is in safe hands thanks to our quality, broad sourcing and agronomy network, and strong connections to local markets.
  • Holistic colouring experience
    Our solutions reflect our expertise in both taste and wellbeing, as well as our extensive consumer research. We also offer extended technical, application and regulatory support.
Delivering vibrant colours in a wide array of applications
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Delivering vibrant colours in a wide array of applications

Building on 30 years of experience in the plant world, our specialist team from Naturex, part of Givaudan, can help you to design or adapt all kinds of products, from cupcakes to carbonated soft drinks.

Sense Colour applications

Find out more about developing appealing foods, naturally.


Expertise in the plant world
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Expertise in the plant world

We source, process and formulate natural ingredients to global quality standards to provide complete colour solutions.


Responsible sourcing
Direct access to raw materials from around the world
Good agricultural practices


Years of experience in pigment extraction
Development of gentle processes


High-performance emulsions
Dispersion for enhanced properties
Stabilised oleoresin
Free-flowing powders and appealing colour flakes


Global quality standards
Strong analytical capabilities
Full traceability
Local regulatory support


VegeBrite® colouring foodstuffs

Produced exclusively from fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and algae and gently processed, our authentic and high-performance VegeBrite® colouring solutions are the perfect tool for customers looking to reformulate a wide variety of applications.

VegeBrite® Veggie Reds and Browns
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Brown cooked beef

VegeBrite® Veggie Reds and Browns

These natural colour solutions recreate the authentic colour of raw red beef or brown cooked meat in plant-based burger patties.


    VegeBrite® Veggie Browns
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    VegeBrite® Veggie Browns

    Made with a blend of brown fruit juices and other extracts, these allergen-free* solutions recreate the colour of cooked meat for authentic multi-sensory food experiences.

    DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE: VegeBrite® Veggie Browns


      VegeBrite® Golden Yellow
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      Caramel cheesecake

      VegeBrite® Golden Yellow

      Derived from carrot extract, our VegeBrite® Golden Yellow is a yellow colouring foodstuff. It is an ideal alternative to beta-carotene for clean label dairy, alternative dairy and bakery products.


      VegeBrite® Ultimate Spirulina
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      Coloured gummi bears

      VegeBrite® Ultimate Spirulina

      Gently processed and trehalose-free, our 100% nature-derived VegeBrite® Ultimate Spirulina extract enables you to create consumer-friendly labels. Choose from a wide range of blue and green shades, available in many different formats and concentrations to meet your needs.

      * VegeBrite® Veggie Browns are made from raw material sources that do not contain gluten or any commonly recognised allergen. Globally, their use typically does not necessitate the regulatory requirements of labelling any of these allergens.


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