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From bold beetroot red to bright spirulina blue, nature offers endless possibilities to create intense multi-sensory food experiences.

At Givaudan, we convert the best of nature to support customers in the design of visually appealing food that will delight consumers. With over 30 years of experience in the plant world, our experts support you every step of the way in creating the perfect, authentic natural colour solution for meeting all your needs and challenges.

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By combining our creative forces, we develop innovative products that bring unique food experiences to consumers. Together, we colour the future of food.

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Listen to our ‘Colour Journey’ podcast series

Welcome to Colour Journey, our brand-new series of podcasts. In each episode, we’ll be taking you on a quest to find the perfect colour from nature’s palette. As we journey through the supply chain from agronomy and S&T to market insights, you’ll discover what’s behind our clean-label, high-performance natural colour solutions for creating delightful food experiences.

Episode 01

Rooted in science: how Givaudan’s agronomists develop natural colouring solutions from carrots

Speakers: Nicolas Jegouic, Head of Agronomy; and Fanny Fourcade, Agronomist 

In this first episode of Colour Journey, Givaudan’s agronomists take you to one of our pilot farms in Aix-en-Provence, France. Discover how Givaudan’s agronomy expertise can turn carrots into a natural alternative to beta-carotene.




Episode 02

Colour as an attractor: why is colour so important in food experiences?

Speakers: Leslie Lannebere, Global Marketing Manager for Health & Nutrition and Sense; and Basak Oker, Head of Consumer Sensory Insights Europe

Listen to our podcast episode to learn why colour is so important to create memorable food experiences! As we take you through our latest market insights, you’ll discover what’s behind our clean-label, high-performance natural colour solutions.



Episode 03

Bringing colour to plant-based protein

Speakers: Rae-Shann Dingle, Colour Specialist Givaudan Application Lab; and Tim Knight, Preservation Technical Services Specialist

In this episode, we are bringing colours to plant-based proteins! We’ll discuss how we use our know-how to co-create, with our customers, new ways to provide holistic food experiences that look, taste and feel great.



Episode 04

Finding colour inspiration

Speakers: Brian Avilés, Category Technical Lead; Parker Cox, Americas Sales Director; and Catalina Ospina, Technical Marketing Specialist

In this episode, our experts reveal how we use natural colours to produce vibrant food experiences, where we source inspiration, and what’s next in the world of natural colours.



Episode 05

Viva Magenta: exploring Pantone’s colour of the year

Speakers: Virginie Philippe, Culinary Marketing Manager for Europe and Catalina Ospina, Technical Marketing Specialist

In this episode, you’ll hear about the trends that put this electrifying colour in the spotlight. Explore Viva Magenta’s use in everything from veggie burgers to home decor. You’ll also learn how this bright and optimistic colour can be created from nature’s palette for naturally vibrant food experiences.



Episode 06

Behind the label: understanding the different types of natural colours

Speakers: Fabienne Boukobza, Sr. NPD Manager Americas and Andrew Kendrick, Sr. NPD Manager for EU, APAC and SAMEA

Understanding natural colours types and their resulting labels can be challenging. Join us for a special episode where we address some frequently asked technical questions about formulating with natural colours in Europe and the USA. We’ll delve into the definitions, types, and myriad advantages of different colouring solutions that empower the creation of visually stunning food experiences.  



Episode 07

Amaize® Red: from corn to colour and beyond

Speakers: Jason Armao, SVP of Science & Innovation for Sense Colour and Karim Ben Hassan, Senior Colour Scientist

In this episode, we’ll be unveiling the power of Amaize® Red, a groundbreaking natural colour derived from purple corn. Discover why corn was chosen as a sustainable source and how we ensure full traceability. Gain insights into the agronomy behind optimising colour yield and the meticulous breeding process involved in developing a non-GMO hybrid. Learn about Amaize® Red's functionality and versatility in various applications, and its minimal processing. Finally, we’ll conclude by exploring the future of colours from corn.  



Episode 08

Beverage bliss: enhancing the sensory experience with natural colours

Speakers: Diego Campos, Marketing Manager Regional Innovation in Europe and Jaime Pacheco, Sales Manager for Sense Colour

Join us as we explore several themes shaping the beverages market and the pivotal role that natural colours play in enhancing the sensory experience. From ‘Feel Good’ beverages that bring comfort and positivity to ‘Does Good’ offerings focused on health and sustainability, as well as the future-oriented ‘Imagine’ theme, we’ll delve into how natural colours are being used to create vibrant and enticing drinks. You’ll also discover how the metaverse and artificial intelligence are set to revolutionise the future of beverages, promising exciting co-creation experiences that engage consumers.  



Episode 09

Biotechnology: growing options for natural colour production

Speakers: Raja Chouket, Category Technical Leader and Markus Kaufmann, Research Investigator

Explore how biotechnology is reshaping the world of natural colour development. In this episode, you’ll discover how we create colours through fermentation, showcasing innovations like acid-stable blues derived from microalgae. From environmental advantages to technical precision, biotechnology brings many possibilities to the world of natural colours.



Episode 10

Peach Fuzz and Apricot Crush: what’s in store for Pantone’s colours of the year?

Speakers: Megan Jacobs, Global Marketing Director for Sense Colour, Catalina Ospina, Technical Marketing Specialist, Katie Floyd, Marketing Coordinator and Lora Sparks, Digital Marketing Specialist

Delve into the captivating colours of Peach Fuzz and Apricot Crush as we explore their origins, their significance in nature, and their ability to evoke a sense of tranquillity. In this round table discussion, we’ll talk about the various flavours and applications associated with these colours, as well as the technical aspects that lead to enticing consumer food experiences. Join us as we uncover the psychology behind these colours and their impact on consumer emotions.



Episode 11

How colour affects perception: from moods to flavours

Speakers: Catalina Ospina, Technical Marketing Specialist for Sense Colour, Jeremy Roque, Consumer & Sensory Insights Project Manager for Europe and Rojenia Jones, Sense Colour Product Manager for North America

Explore the language of colour and its impact on our daily lives. In this episode, you’ll see how colour communicates emotions, influences consumer preferences, and shapes our perception of foods and beverages. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the connection between colour, flavour and liking, as well as the cultural and emotional associations inherent to certain colours.



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Food experience revolution: download our colour paper
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Cleaner, better, trendier – natural colours at the heart of the food experience revolution

Sense Colour paper

The food and beverage industry has evolved faster than ever over the past few years. Consumers are also increasingly turning their backs on synthetic ingredients and looking for ‘better-for-me’ products. 

To satisfy the modern palate and inspire social media trends, food and drinks not only have to taste good, they also have to deliver multi-sensory food experiences that do good and feel good for body, mind and planet.

Download our colour paper to learn more about these trends and how our Sense Colour natural solutions can help you meet consumer expectations.

Download Colour paper  

Download our colour paper to learn more about these trends and how our Sense Colour natural solutions can help you meet consumer expectations.

Watch the yellow video
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Hello, yellow!

Sunny yellow hues are lighting up the world of food.

Sustainable and high-performing colouring solutions
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Sense Colour Yellow article

Yellow is the go-to hue for all kinds of sweet and savoury foods, and its popularity has skyrocketed in recent months. But a burst of colour is not enough: consumers also expect clean labels, natural ingredients and memorable, multi-sensory food experiences.

Inspired by nature’s amazing palette, Givaudan offers a variety of sustainable and high-performing colouring solutions for all types of food and beverages.

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Watch the blue video
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Over to you, blue!

In the world of food, blue – the colour of magic and wonder, cognition and calm – is having a moment.

Sense Colour Ultimate Blue Spirulina range
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Sense Colour Blue article

With consumers eager to experience its mesmerising hues, the colour blue has taken the food industry by surprise. Incredibly, the vibrant pigmentation comes from a natural foodstuff called spirulina, a blue-green algae cultivated worldwide.

The Sense Colour Ultimate Blue Spirulina range by Givaudan could not be in a better position to respond to the growing demand for sensory surprise and renewed creativity, as well as natural and appealing wellness foods.

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