Capturing the essence of freshness

Working with internationally renowned chefs for inspiration, we have found a way to capture the essence of freshness by locking it in.

Our new freshness technology revitalises convenience foods by making dishes taste like they were prepared just moments earlier.

Freshness is very important to consumers when choosing food products


We put freshness to the test with a research project involving over 800 consumers and the result was clear: if food tastes like it has been freshly prepared, it tastes better.

But in today’s fast-moving world, it is not always possible to prepare a meal or snack from scratch and serve it immediately.

    So, what about those times when convenience is the priority?

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    Decoding freshness

    At our Givaudan’s Chef’s Council event in New York, we explored the freshly prepared eating experience with some of the world’s leading chefs and discovered that a few key elements can enhance consumers’ perception of freshness:

    • Vibrant ingredients which engage all the senses and which can be tasted individually
    • Preparing a recipe in a particular order
    • A single signature ingredient which contrasts with other ingredients

    Givaudan’s Chef’s Council in New York

    “Freshness is an experience – it’s about engaging all of your senses”

    Atul Kochhar, Benares Restaurant, London


    Building on these findings, we continue to invest in ongoing research on how to incorporate the freshness experience into flavour solutions.   

    A new approach to flavour creation

    Our latest innovation significantly enhances consumers’ eating experience of convenience foods. Watch the video to find out more about our FreezeFrame® technology and how we can help add vibrancy to your recipe.