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We’re thinking differently when it comes to sugar reduction and consumers find the results amazing.

Michelin-starred chefs

We’ve taken a culinary approach and the creative insight of Michelin-starred chefs to make fully satisfying natural products with less sugar. Using inspiration from the dishes developed by these chefs, we identified non-typical ingredients and food techniques that help create more complex, full bodied or impactful tastes. 

Givaudan’s Chef’s Council Sugar Reduction
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Achieving great taste with less sugar – because sweetneess isn’t the only driver of liking!

Chef’s Council Sugar Reduction, 12 November 2018, Amsterdam

Watch some impressions from the event where we explored different ways to make less sweet products fully enjoyable

Going beyond sugar replacement
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Going beyond sugar replacement

Our solutions have been developed by taste and sensory experts and are based on extensive research around three key factors


How sweet is it?

Our taste receptor research gives us the broadest portfolio of proprietary taste ingredients.


How similar to sugar?

Our groundbreaking sensory methods bring sweetness quality measurably closer to sugar.


Is it fully enjoyable?

Our goal is flavours so satisfying, that less sugar still delivers full enjoyment.

Our goal is to deliver flavours so satisfying, that less sugar still delivers full enjoyment

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Watch the video
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Watch the five trends that are shaping the future of sugar reduction

Working together
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Working together

Whatever your motivations for sugar reduction, we will help you discover and adapt to the latest trends in this rapidly changing environment and prepare your product portfolio for a successful future.