Now you can have your cake and eat it

Most people think that great-tasting food is all about the flavour. So it’s surprising to learn that what’s termed ‘mouthfeel’ is every bit as important in truly savouring a sumptuous dish as how it tastes.

TasteSolutions® Mouthfeel helps to provide that rich taste sensation on the tongue, while addressing health and wellness issues related to reducing fat and calorie levels in food.


Mouthfeel is defined as ‘The way an item of food or drink feels in the mouth, as distinct from its taste’.

The issue is that satisfying mouthfeel comes largely from high levels of fat content, which is why products rich in fats, such as cheeses, chocolate and many sweet goods taste so indulgently delicious.

However, high fat levels in food, together with sugar and salt, are identified as the three main pillars of concern in the public health arena. Consequently, governments worldwide are now acting to either encourage or legislate for lower fat consumption. Consumers, and our customers, are responding!

Less fat, same great taste

This issue leaves our customers needing to delight consumers with satisfying products on all levels, while demonstrating healthier credentials in their products. The development of reduced-fat goods, which retain the taste of the full-fat version, is a very challenging task.

Enjoyable mouthfeel, taste and aroma are crucial for consumer pleasure and market success, but the reformulation of lower-fat products is complex because of the potential impact that removing fat has on the structure and the flavour, which can change the appeal of a product. To respond to consumers’ health needs, food companies require the right technologies to make healthy foods taste better. It’s that simple... and equally, that complex.

Finding the right balance

For Givaudan, mouthfeel is not only about structure but also about the taste sensation of body and creaminess. That’s where TasteSolutions® Mouthfeel can help. The programme combines taste and flavour technologies, enabling us to work with customers to bring back mouthfeel in lower fat and reduced-calorie products.

We work closely with our customers to optimise the flavour profile of a product, ensuring maximum performance by leveraging our unique sensory capabilities. This means putting our flavourists and application teams to work to solve very specific mouthfeel challenges. Whether it’s the creamy sensation of a vanilla ice cream, or the taste of a dense, mature cheddar cheese snack, TasteSolutions® Mouthfeel successfully achieves the balance between nutritional health and mouthfeel.

TasteSolutions® Mouthfeel provides balanced food formulas and ultimately enhances the fat perception of the products that consumers want, but without the associated fat and calorie levels. To put it in layman’s terms, a healthy product can be an indulgent one too – so now you can have your cake and eat it.