Innovating Responsibly

What drives us at Givaudan? We are passionate about enabling novel sensory experiences, allowing our customers to differentiate while adding value that benefits people and planet.

Driven by our purpose, we strive to ensure that through our creations more people will enjoy happier, healthier lives as we show our love for nature in everything we do.

Consumers are constantly seeking new sensory experiences. That is why we continually seek new ways in which to ‘engage your senses’. At Givaudan, innovation goes beyond simply creating better solutions for our customers.

Our approach to Innovating Responsibly considers the potential impact of our processes and products on the environment. From flavours and fragrances to active beauty products, we aim to make sustainability part of every new breakthrough.

We achieve this by focusing on three essential areas:



We expand our customers' access to natural ingredients and solutions. By investigating and developing alternative sources of key natural raw materials we contribute to the protection of fragile natural sources. For example in our Flavour Division, we continue to develop our SUNthesis® citrus ingredients collection, a range of natural oil replacers that mitigate the strain on citrus resources.

Health and well-being

Health and well-being

We offer novel sensory experiences, unique products and solutions to help our customers promote consumer health and well-being. How? By expanding our understanding of how odour can positively impact health and well-being, by delivering authentic taste alternatives for key ingredients such as sugar and salt, and by enabling alternative proteins and integrated solutions for beverage and savoury applications. 

Sustainable processes

Sustainable process

We offer our customers the ingredients palette of the future by using green chemistry, considering biodegradability and optimising opportunities derived from traditional and novel forms of biotransformation. For example in our Flavour Division, we advance kitchen technologies that can produce flavours with low energy consumption and enhanced efficiency. In our Fragrance Division, we leverage modern biotechnology techniques to produce existing molecules (Bisabolife™) or create new captives (Akigalawood®). In designing innovative processes, we also look at how we can reuse and recover process side streams.



Innovating Responsibly supports the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Sustainable development goals  Zero hunger  Good health and well-being  Industry, innovation and infrastructure  Responsible consumption and production  Partnerships for the goals