Our approach to shaping a sustainable future

At Givaudan, sustainability means protecting our planet, colleagues, customers and consumers, and safeguarding the future of our business. We know that we can only live up to our Company purpose of ‘creating happier, healthier lives with love for nature’ if sustainability becomes an integral part of our everyday work.

Read our 2023 Integrated Report on economic and ESG performance

As our business grows, we must continue to act as a force for good in the world, working closely with our customers to meet their needs for more sustainable solutions and products, against the backdrop of a growing demand from society.

Although we still have work to do, we have a lot to be proud of. Our ground-breaking innovations are bringing us closer to a climate positive future. We aspire to have a positive impact on society and the environment, whether through our products, practices or profits. This aspiration requires whole supply chain collaboration, vigilance, bold action and accountability. To ensure that we continue to make progress and focus our efforts, we have set specific targets under each of our four sustainability pillars: Creations, Nature, People and Communities.

Our commitment to delivering on these targets and ambitions is central to our business. Givaudan's Board of Directors plays an important oversight role in setting this agenda and targets, while our Executive Committee leads our overall strategic direction and is accountable for reaching our ambitions and targets. Read more about the governance of our purpose and sustainability ambitions in our 2023 Integrated Report on economic and ESG performance.

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ESG rating and indices

CDP rating and Leaderboard 2023
Fifth double ‘A’ in 2023 for climate and water and A– in forests. CDP Leaderboard recognition for supplier engagement in 2023.
Rated as ‘low-risk’ in 2021
A score of 20.9 and a chemicals industry ranking of 32 out of 562.
MSCI ESG AAA Rating since 2017
MSCI ESG AAA Rating since 2017.


Hallvard Bremnes, Global Head of Sustainability

Hallvard Bremnes
Global Head of Sustainability

Chemin de la Parfumerie 5
1214 Vernier
T +41 22 780 9048