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Update on Givaudan share capital

Today, 100'000 new Givaudan registered shares were listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SWX). As announced on 18 January 2002, Givaudan - in the context of its acquisition of FIS - made use of the initially authorised share capital, by issuing 100'000 registered shares. The new authorised share capital, which was resolved by the Givaudan AGM on 26 April 2002, will not be implemented for formal registration procedures. Givaudan's share capital therefore consists of 8,725,627 registered shares. The articles of incorporation also contain CHF 10 million (1 million registered shares) as conditional capital, namely for convertible bonds and staff stock option plans.

The updated articles of incorporation will be soon available on our web site

For further information please contact
Peter Wullschleger, Givaudan Media Relations
T +41 22 780 9093