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Givaudan begins FIS integration

01 Dec 2014 · 08:41 CET

Following the closing on May 2 of the acquisition of Nestlé’s savoury flavour business, Food Ingredients Specialities (FIS), Givaudan has begun its integration activities.

After careful consideration and evaluation, Givaudan plans to consolidate all the present operational activities of FIS in Châtel-St-Denis into other existing locations in Switzerland, namely Vernier, Dübendorf and Kemptthal. This process is expected to be completed by year-end. In the coming weeks, discussions will be held with each individual employee in Châtel-St-Denis in order to assess opportunities within the new combined organisation.

For further information please contact
Peter Wullschleger, Givaudan Media Relations
T +41 22 780 9093