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Frequently asked questions


About Givaudan

Givaudan is the global industry leader creating game-changing innovation in food and beverages, and inspiring creations in the world of scent and beauty. The Company has two business activities, Taste & Wellbeing and Fragrance & Beauty, reflecting Givaudan’s purpose of creating for happier, healthier lives, with love for nature.

>Where can I have more information of your product offering?
For more information in our business activities, you can visit our Taste & Wellbeing and Fragrance & Beauty sections of the website or contact us via the contact form
>Where can I find more information on your sustainability approach?
Please take a look at our Sustainability section to find out about our approach which supports all of our sustainability efforts.
>Do you have concrete targets and commitments on sustainable practices?
Yes. Please take a look at our Sustainability section to find out about our approach which supports all of our sustainability efforts. In this section, you will also find information on our specific targets and commitments.
>Where can I find your latest company news?
Please visit our media section, under company news.
>Where can I find the Givaudan logo and brand images?
Logo and images can be downloaded in our media resources page. Please note that these images are the property of Givaudan. When using these images, please put ‘Courtesy of Givaudan’ in the picture credits.
>Where can I find your publications?
All corporate publications can be found and downloaded in the media publications page
>I would like to visit a Givaudan site, what should I do?
Site visits are usually not granted for individuals but may be granted for groups under certain conditions. We have over 80 locations worldwide; please visit our locations page to select the Givaudan site in your country and contact the site directly.


>How can I apply for a job at Givaudan?
You can search and apply for a specific job opportunity on the Givaudan Careers Portal. Kindly note that we can only accept applications via this portal. By registering on the Givaudan Careers Portal, you are expressing your interest in a potential role at Givaudan.
>How can I keep up with future career opportunities at Givaudan?
To learn about future career opportunities at Givaudan, we recommend you the following:
1. Register your Candidate Profile on the our Careers Portal.
2. Keep your career experience and aspirations up-to-date.
3. Set up a job alert to be notified as soon as a suitable vacancy is published. Setting up a job alert is easy, check how to do so here.
4. To keep in touch, follow us on LinkedIn. Just visit our company page at and click on ‘Follow’.
>Can I still submit a paper application or apply via email?
We can only accept applications via our Careers Portal. Please apply online through our Careers Portal, which offers: - A simple application process where you do not have to enter duplicate information. - Job alerts to keep you updated about interesting opportunities at Givaudan. - A candidate profile searchable by our recruiters, so we can easily contact you should a suitable position become available.
>In which language should I submit my application?
Please submit your job application in the same language in which the job advertisement is written.
>What are the career opportunities at Givaudan?
Browse the Careers section of our website to discover more about what it is like to work at Givaudan. From there, you can access our Careers Portal to check current job opportunities and find the one(s) that best suit(s) your skills and career goals.
>What are you looking for on an application?
A complete and convincing application is more likely to stand out when recruiting. We recommend that you verify the following: Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is limited to two pages in length and highlights your experience, skills and education. Your cover letter illustrates why you are a suitable candidate for this specific role. Key tips: - Always check the spelling and grammar of your CV and motivation letter. - Ensure you have provided your current contact details including your telephone number and email address. - Attach any reference letters and/or copies of any certificates relevant for the position.
>Does Givaudan offer internship placements?
Givaudan offers a variety of internship opportunities across various departments (e.g. chemistry, engineering, marketing) in many of our locations. To apply for an internship, visit our Careers Portal. Once on the homepage of our portal, click on "add filters" to filter by job type: "internship" and browse the different opportunities by location. Make sure you create a Candidate Profile and set up a job alert so you never miss out on an opportunity.
>Will I be able to access, update or delete my candidate data at any time?
You can access, modify, update or delete your Givaudan Candidate Profile at any time by signing into our Careers Portal, selecting ‘Candidate Profile' and then choosing the appropriate section. You will then receive an email confirming your decision to delete the profile. In addition, you can manage, and withdraw, your application to a role at any time by signing into our Careers Portal, clicking on ‘Job Management’ and selecting the drop-down ‘Actions’ list next to the job you have applied for.



>When is your next event?
Please consult our Investor events calendar.
>Do you have translated versions of your Annual report?
Our Integrated Annual Report is available in English only. We have language versions (French and German) of the highlights. To download a report please visit the download centre.
>When is the next Annual General Meeting?
Please visit our AGM pages for the next AGM event.
>Why did I not get an invitation to the Annual General Meeting?
You need to be a registered shareholder. Your bank can do this for you.
>When are your results' conference calls?
Our conference calls are bi-annual, once for the Full year results, and once for the Half year results. The dates and details can be found on our Investor events calendar.
>Will there be a live webcast for the conference calls?
The full year and half year conference calls are live webcasted. You can access the conference calls via a link featured in our Investor events calendar under the related event.
>Will the conference calls be recorded?
Yes, the recording will be available afterwards in our Investor events calendar under the related event.
>I would like my name added to your mailing list for future releases.
Please use this form to subscribe.
>I would like my name removed from your distribution list.
Please leave your contact details so we can proceed accordingly via the contact form.
>Where can I find the contact details of local Givaudan sites?
Please visit the locations page and select the country of your choice.
>How can I get a printed copy of your financial report?
Since 2019 our financial report is an integral part of the “Governance, Compensation and Financial report” available as a PDF in English only. To download the report please visit the download centre.
>How can I get a printed copy of the annual report?
Our Integrated Annual Report is available in English only. To download the report please visit the download centre. If you wish to have the full content on governance, on compensation or on our financial report please download our “Governance, Compensation and Financial Report”, available as a PDF in English only, on the download centre
>Where can I find your latest sustainability reports?
All of our sustainability publications can be found and downloaded from our site. We produce limited numbers of hard copies for environmental reasons. To download a report please visit the download centre.