2021 Annual investor conference

Committed to Growth, with Purpose

Givaudan’s 2021 Annual Investor Conference was held on 13 April as a virtual webcast event. Over 100 analysts participated to hear of the Company’s commitment to Growth, with Purpose and how our purpose and 2025 strategy encapsulate our approach to ESG.

CEO Gilles Andrier began the conference with an overview of the 2021 first quarter sales and confirmed strong growth across all markets and segments. In the first three months of 2021 Givaudan recorded sales of CHF 1,674 million, an increase of 7.7% on a like-for-like¹ basis and 3.4% in Swiss francs.

“Givaudan started the year with strong business momentum whilst maintaining its operations and global supply chain at a high level. The good growth was achieved across most product segments and geographies, with particularly strong performance in the high growth markets, which recorded sales growth of 14.5% on a like-for-like basis.”

Gilles Andrier, Chief Executive Officer

Guest speakers Willem Mutsaerts and Simon Halle-Smith presented our ESG commitments. For the focus on environment, our Head of Global Procurement and Sustainability, Willem Mutsaerts, presented how the Company creates a positive impact on the environment by showing our love for nature. At the heart of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact sits our bold climate positive ambition.

“We aim to become a climate positive business before 2050. Our commitment is very significant as it not only includes Givaudan’s own operations (scope 1 and scope 2) but also the CO2 generated by our supply chain which includes our suppliers via scope 3 GHG emissions. And for an organisation like Givaudan this is where the largest impact lies.” 

Willem Mutsaerts, Head of Global Procurement and Sustainability

Our social and governance approach was presented by Simon Halle-Smith, Head of Global Human Resources and EHS. He began by outlining how Givaudan cares for our people and communities and the contributions the Company make to society.

“This year of pandemic and protest has shown just how vital it is that businesses across the globe work together and redefine their role in building an inclusive and equitable society.”

Simon Halle-Smith, Head of Global Human Resources and EHS

He continued by presenting how stable and efficient corporate governance ensures sustainable value creation, and how our compensation principles reflect the performance of the business and of individuals.

The conference finished with a review of our 2025 strategy and a question and answer session.

1. Like-for-like is defined as: (a) sales calculated using the invoicing exchange rates of the prior year, and (b) excluding sales of businesses acquired from

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