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Interested in attending an investor event? Below you will find an overview on our investor events. All dates are subject to changes.

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13 January Baader Swiss Equities Conference, Bad Ragaz Baader  
13-01-202213-01-2022Baader Swiss Equities ConferenceBad RagazBaader
14 January Octavian Seminar - Waldhaus, Flims Octavian  
14-01-202214-01-2022Octavian Seminar - WaldhausFlims
28 January

2021 Full year results

07:00 CET : Investor news, media release, Annual Report published on website

15:00 CET : Conference call with investors and analysts


01/28/202201/28/20222021 Full year results 2021 Full year results 07:00 CET : Investor news, media release, Annual Report published on website 15:00 CET : Conference call with investors and analysts
1 February Swiss Investor Breakfast Meeting, Geneva Givaudan  
01-02-202201-02-2022Swiss Investor Breakfast MeetingGeneva
2 February Zurich Road Show ZKB  
02-02-202202-02-2022Zurich Road ShowZurich
3 February UK Roadshow UBS  
03-02-202203-02-2022UK RoadshowUK
8 March Paris Roadshow Givaudan  
08-03-202208-03-2022Paris RoadshowParis
9 March Germany Roadshow Givaudan  
09-03-202209-03-2022Germany RoadshowGermany
10 March UBS Global Consumer & Retail Conference UBS  
10-03-202210-03-2022UBS Global Consumer & Retail Conference
17 March Exane Consumer Ingredients Conference Exane  
17-03-202217-03-2022Exane Consumer Ingredients Conference
24 March Annual General Meeting, Geneva


03/24/202203/24/2022Annual General MeetingGeneva
28-29 March Japan and Australia Roadshow Givaudan  
28-03-202229-03-2022Japan and Australia RoadshowJapan and Australia
30 March Kepler Annual Swiss Seminar (digital) Kepler  
30-03-202230-03-2022Kepler Annual Swiss Seminar (digital)
31 March Hong Kong, China, Taiwan & Singapore Roadshow Givaudan  
31-03-202231-03-2022Hong Kong, China, Taiwan & Singapore RoadshowHong Kong, China, Taiwan & Singapore
12 April 2022 First quarter sales
07:00 CET : Company news
12-04-202212-04-20222022 First quarter salesGeneva
12 April Annual Investor Conference, Vernier Givaudan  
12-04-202212-04-2022Annual Investor ConferenceVernier
26 April* Berenberg UN SDG Conference Berenberg  
26-04-202226-04-2022Berenberg UN SDG Conference (date tentatively)
28-29 April Lugano, Milan Roadshow Givaudan  
28-04-202229-04-2022Lugano, Milan RoadshowMilan, Italy
10 May Middle East Roadshow Givaudan  
10-05-202210-05-2022Middle East RoadshowMiddle East
18-19 May US East Coast Roadshow Givaudan  
18-05-202219-05-2022US East Coast RoadshowUS
Mid May BOFA Global Beauty Conference Bank of America
24 May* Morgan Stanley Global Ingredients Conference Morgan Stanley  
24-05-202224-05-2022Morgan Stanley Global Ingredients Conference (date tentatively)
31 May Stifel Swiss Equities Conference, Interlaken Stifel  
31-05-202231-05-2022Stifel Swiss Equities ConferenceInterlaken, Switzerland
16 June Exane 24th CEO Conference, Paris


16-06-202216-06-2022Exane 24th CEO ConferenceParis, France
16 June Db Global Consumer Conference, Paris Deutsche Bank  
16-06-202216-06-2022Db Global Consumer ConferenceParis, France
27-30 June* UBS ESG Conference UBS  
27-06-202230-06-2022UBS ESG Conference
21 July 2022 Half year results

07:00 CEST : Company news, Half Year Report published on website

15:00 CEST : Conference call with investors and analysts

21-07-202221-07-20222022 Half year resultsGeneva
22 July Swiss Investor Meeting, Geneva Givaudan  
22-07-202222-07-2022Swiss Investor MeetingGeneva
26 July Swiss Investor Meeting Belvoirpark, Zurich Givaudan  
26-07-202226-07-2022Swiss Investor MeetingBelvoirpark, Zurich
30 August HY Conference, Widder Hotel, Zurich Givaudan  
30-08-202230-08-2022Half Year ConferenceWidder Hotel, Zurich
7 September Barclays Consumer Staples Conference, US Barclays  
07-09-202207-09-2022Barclays Consumer Staples ConferenceUS
13 September* Kepler Autumn Conference, Paris Kepler  
13-09-202213-09-2022Kepler Autumn Conference (date tentatively)Paris, France
15 September* UK Roadshow Givaudan  
15-09-202215-09-2022UK Roadshow (date tentatively)UK
16 September* UBS Best of Switzerland Conference, Zurich UBS  
16-09-202216-09-2022UBS Best of Switzerland ConferenceZurich
21 September Baader Helvea Investment Conference, Munich Baader  
21-09-202221-09-2022Baader Helvea Investment ConferenceMunich, Germany
22 September Austria Roadshow Givaudan  
22-09-202222-09-2022Austria RoadshowAustria
27 September Canada Roadshow Givaudan  
27-09-202227-09-2022Canada RoadshowCanada
30 September Redburn ESG Conference Redburn  
30-09-202230-09-2022Redburn ESG Conference
11 October 2022 Nine month sales
07:00 CET : Company news
11-10-202211-10-20222022 Nine month salesGeneva
20 October Investor Day Givaudan  
20-10-202220-10-2022Investor Day
2 November Netherlands Roadshow Givaudan  
02-11-202202-11-2022Netherlands RoadshowNetherlands
3 November ZKB Swiss Equities Conference, Zurich ZKB  
03-11-202203-11-2022ZKB Swiss Equities ConferenceZurich
7 November UBS European & Mid-Cap Conference, London UBS  
07-11-202207-11-2022UBS European & Mid-Cap ConferenceLondon
15 November* Spain Roadshow Givaudan  
15-11-202215-11-2022Spain Roadshow (date tentatively)Spain
23 November* Nordics Roadshow Givaudan  
23-11-202223-11-2022Nordics Roadshow
30 November* New York Exane BNPP Generalist Conference, New York Exane  
30-11-202230-11-2022New York Exane BNPP Generalist ConferenceNew York
1 December* BofA European Chemicals Conference Bank of America  
01-12-202201-12-2022BofA European Chemicals Conference (date tentatively)
6 December* Berenberg European Conference Penny Hill Berenberg  
06-12-202206-12-2022Berenberg European Conference Penny Hill (date tentatively)
7 December* Paris Roadshow Givaudan  
07-12-202207-12-2022Paris Roadshow (date tentatively)Paris
8 December* Year End Cocktails Givaudan  
08-12-202208-12-2022Year End Cocktails (date tentatively)

* tbc