Digital innovation at Givaudan

Leveraging digital technology for future opportunities

Our industry, along with our customers and suppliers, is moving to digital transformation as core processes as well as customer services are challenged by new opportunities offered by technology.

‘Carto’, the AI-powered tool that brings science and technology to the service of the perfumers

To anticipate this disruption and lead our industry’s digital transformation, a dedicated digital innovation team works with the business and functions, exploring transformative opportunities to enable and inspire our strategy.

This work is organised around three pillars: inspiring the organisation by stimulating new ideas and giving a space for these ideas; Executive Committee-level governance to set the priority on topics; and a ‘digital factory’, an internal incubator for fast-paced experimentation of the most promising ideas.

Some of the strategic areas we are exploring include how artificial intelligence and Big Data can transform our flavour and fragrance creations, what new value-added services can be provided to our customers through digital platforms, and how to push the boundaries of our current industry and explore new, digital-enabled business models.

We have successfully piloted the potential of emerging technologies in several areas by leading the way to the next era of customer experience and reinventing ways to create, develop and offer better flavours and fragrances that delight consumers. We are pushing the boundaries to the benefit of our customers.

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Digital factory
The Digital Factory is a project accelerator that brings together Givaudan’s experts, partners and customers to explore new ways to do business.
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The AI-powered tool is designed to intelligently use our unique ingredients to maximise the olfactive performance in the final formula.