Our culture

We want to make a positive contribution to the world. To create, and share, amazing scent and taste sensations that touch millions of lives.

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An inclusive workplace

More than just diversity, an inclusive workplace is about creating a culture where everyone feels empowered and valued. At Givaudan, we call it intentional inclusion, and it’s something that we strive for in everything we do. When we feel empowered and valued, we’re energised and can unlock our full potential. And this is when we can achieve amazing things together.


This desire is at the core of who we are: it is our essence, our Company personality, what we call our ‘DNA’. Our personality pervades our business, informing how we think, act and behave. 


Our DNA translates into a desire to be
inspiring, challenging, acting with heart and soul.


At Givaudan, we foster a positive environment of openness and curiosity – where we craft and share innovative ideas that delight, surprise and touch everyone’s emotions.


At Givaudan, we perform with a mindset of best and see challenges as opportunities to grow. We anticipate what’s next, question conventions and welcome debate.

With Heart & Soul

At Givaudan, we love to create flavours and fragrances that bring memorable experiences to consumers around the world. We establish true partnerships, because we are dedicated, passionate and always give our all. We take responsibility for our actions and act with empathy and humility.

Discover what we strive to offer our employees, and how we invite them to ‘join us and celebrate the beauty of human experience’.