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Hair shine ingredient

Givaudan Product

Glossyliance™ associates two technologies to enhance hair shine: white biotechnology and plant-derived extracts (sugar cane and lemon zest). Glossyliance™ is a blend of natural extracts which are by-products of the food industry using a controlled process in line with Givaudan Active Beauty’s philosophy.


  • At 3%, it improves shine by 11% with a positive effect on 92% of samples,
  • Significantly increases hair shine and softness with a dose-dependent effect starting at 3%,
  • Using a shampoo with 5% Glossyliance™ will smooth the hair scales.


Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks

Green fractionation  White biotechnology

INCI China IECIC by equivalence
Halal certified

Associated claims

Hair beautifier, damaged hair