Givaudan completes the acquisition of b.kolormakeup & skincare

Expanding exposure and capabilities in beauty with a focus on make-up

01 Jul 2024 · 18:00 CEST

Givaudan, the global leader in Fragrance and Beauty, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of b.kolormakeup & skincare (b.kolor), an innovative Italian company specialising in developing and producing finished make-up and skincare products for Consumer Packaged Goods, Indie Brands and Luxury Goods consumers.

In line with its 2025 strategy to expand its presence in the beauty categories, Givaudan announced in July 2021 that it had acquired 25% of b.kolor. This acquisition of the remaining 75% allows Givaudan to offer innovative solutions for make-up formulations and further widen its capabilities for skincare applications. This will enlarge its value proposition in the beauty sector, having already a strong leadership in fine fragrances and haircare.

Founded in 2000, b.kolor is headquartered near Milan, Italy, and employs more than 300 people. The company is recognised as experts in creative formulation design and the production of finished products for B2B customers, focusing on innovation and sensory benefits allied to state-of-the-art technical performance.

“After three years of successful partnership with b.kolor, this is a great achievement for Givaudan to complete this acquisition, promising a very exciting journey. By sharing our creative and innovation capabilities, we will generate additional value to our respective customers by providing a complete offer combining high level of science with excellence in design.”

Maurizio Volpi, President of Givaudan’s Fragrance & Beauty 

“We are delighted to expand in beauty by benefiting from b.kolor expertise. This acquisition not only strengthens our capabilities in the fields of make-up and skincare, but also positions us as leaders in driving the market towards an ever more solutions-driven future.”

Markus Rassmann, Head of Givaudan Active Beauty

Maria-Teresa Sancini, Chairwoman of b.kolor, said: “Joining Givaudan, the market leader, is a great opportunity to bring our businesses to new heights. Givaudan’s capabilities in creation, ingredients and technology will greatly support us in evolving our product offering, while benefiting from Givaudan’s customer base and geographical footprint to expand ourselves in new territories. We are very pleased to also share our unique creative design and production know-how with Givaudan to bring the products of tomorrow to life.”

While terms of the deal will not be disclosed, b.kolor business would have represented approximately CHF 77 million of incremental sales to Givaudan’s results in 2023, on a proforma basis. Givaudan plans to finance this acquisition through debt.

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About b.kolormakeup & skincare
Founded in 2000 and owned by Maria-Teresa Sancini and Mario De Luigi, b.kolor is an innovative Italian company specialised in developing and producing end to end products in make-up and skin care for Consumer Packaged Goods and Luxury Goods consumers. They are recognised experts in industrial formulation design, focusing on innovation and sensory, allied to technical performance. B.kolor has a premier positioning, being highly creative and proactive, and constantly offering new concepts and collections to their customers, with over 250 new products per year. B.kolor’s value chain covers the entire creation process from the customer’s brief until the ready to commercialise product, leveraging two modern GMP qualified factories located in Treviglio. They serve a broad portfolio of customers, including Indies, L&R but also internationals, having 90% of their sales out of Italy. Visit their website:

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