Givaudan recognised as a global leader on climate change with top CDP score of 100A

04 Nov 2015 · 11:22 CET

CDP recognises Givaudan as global climate change leader with highest possible score of 100A:

  • A-List performer in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • 100 score for quality and transparency in climate change reporting
  • Among top 5% of companies ranked on The Climate A List

Givaudan has been recognised as a global leader for its strategies and actions in response to climate change and awarded a top score on The Climate A List by CDP, the international not-for-profit organisation that drives sustainable economies.

Givaudan is listed in CDP’s regional and global reports as a country leader for Switzerland and a global category leader in the Materials sector, joining the Climate A List of 113 companies who have demonstrated the highest level of action to mitigate climate change. The top score recognises the quality and transparency of Givaudan’s publicly disclosed data.

“Responsible growth is a cornerstone of our 2020 strategy and is essential to our commitment to offer sustainable solutions to our customers,” said Gilles Andrier, CEO. “Givaudan will increasingly leverage an integrated approach to fragrance and flavour design that includes responsible sourcing strategies and innovative technologies. Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact while using the best palette of ingredients for our customers to deliver inspiring creations.”

Givaudan earlier announced that it is significantly raising its ambition on its 2020 eco-efficiency targets. While increasing production volumes, we commit to an absolute annual reduction in CO2 of 4% year over year. The Company is also taking significant actions to further reduce its annual waste production and energy consumption by 4% per tonne of product, and has reiterated its commitment to reducing water usage by 15% per tonne of product.1

Joe Fabbri, Head of Global EHS and Sustainability said: “By strengthening our eco-efficiency targets we are helping to make the idea of a low-carbon economy a reality, and joining other companies in the pledge to limit the global average temperature increase to two degrees Celsius.”

Givaudan’s motivation for more ambitious 2020 eco-efficiency targets is spurred by its progress in delivering against the original targets. Since 2010, the Company has achieved, per tonne of product, reductions of:

  • 24.6% less CO2 emissions
  • 17.2% less energy consumption
  • 11.7% less water usage
  • 36.7% less waste

Climate change and eco-efficiency are strategic priorities for Givaudan. Climate change impacts weather conditions, water resources, biodiversity and populations living in sourcing areas and may also impact the long-term supply of essential ingredients. Givaudan increasingly assesses the risks and opportunities related to climate change and takes appropriate actions to ensure the long-term availability of natural resources essential to its creations. Examples include ethical sourcing initiatives, specific procurement guidelines favouring green sources of electricity, annual analyses of water scarcity risks and mitigation measures at manufacturing sites, and sustainability reporting according to GRI guidelines since 2010. Today, eco-efficiency performance is a key factor in our investment decisions: for each new capital investment we require a ‘Green Strategy Chapter’ to limit the environment impact. 

To learn more about Givaudan’s eco-efficiency targets and initiatives that help to reduce our environmental impact, we invite you to visit


¹ Revised 2020 eco-efficiency targets. With the motivation to stabilise our environmental impact while increasing our production volumes, our revised 2020 eco-efficiency targets are as follows:
Reduce our CO2 footprint by 4% of the absolute CO2 footprint of the previous year
Reduce our waste production and energy consumption per tonne of product by 4% each year as compared to the previous year
- Reduce our water usage by 15% per tonne of product between 2010 and 2020

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