Global privacy notice*

25 May 2018

This Notice explains how, when and why we collect and use your personal data when you interact with Givaudan.

‘Personal data’ is any information or set of information that can identify you as an individual such as your name, address, telephone number, email address as well as any other information about you that Givaudan may obtain from you directly or indirectly.

We are committed to being transparent in the way we collect and use your personal data and how we protect it. We also recognise your need for reasonable control of your personal data.

This is why this Notice explains you in details:

  • Who is responsible
  • Application of this Notice 
  • What personal data we collect and how we use it
  • How we protect it
  • Your rights
  • Other important information you need to know

Who is responsible

The Data Controller is the legal entity which is responsible for the personal data collected from you. It determines the means and the purposes of the processing of your personal data, that is how, when and why it collects and uses your personal data. Givaudan is a multinational company operating around the globe. The Data Controller for your personal data will depend on who you are:

If you are a visitor of this website or an investor, the Data Controller is Givaudan International SA, Chemin de la Parfumerie 5, 1214 Vernier, Switzerland.

If you are a customer or a supplier, the Data Controller is the legal entity that manages your business relationship with Givaudan. This information can be found on the invoice or purchase order you receive or in the agreement you have entered into with Givaudan.

For any other individuals, with the exception of employees and contractors working on Givaudan sites, the Data Controller is the legal entity that manages your relationship with Givaudan. This information can be found in the agreement you have entered into with Givaudan or can be obtained from your contact person at Givaudan.

The list of Givaudan legal entities and their details is available in our latest annual report. For any questions with respect of this Notice, please contact our Group Data Protection Officer.

Application of this Notice 

This Notice applies to you when you interact with Givaudan in the course of a prospective or ongoing business relationship, when you visit our websites, when you use the technology we make available to you (e.g. when you visit a Givaudan site) or when you connect to certain platforms, applications or other solutions under our control. This Notice does not apply to Givaudan employees or other individuals working on Givaudan sites nor to job applicants who may refer to the privacy notice on Givaudan job portal and on Givaudan intranet. For any other individuals, the collection and use of your personal data may be subject to a specific privacy notice. Please reach out to your Givaudan contact person for more details or contact us.

What information do we collect and what do we do with it?

We collect personal data in two ways:

  • Directly from you
  • Indirectly, through other sources

Directly from you
We may collect and use personal data that you provide us when you interact with us.

For example, your business contact details, including your full name, contact details, your role within your company and your work experience, the country where you work, the products and services that are of interest to you and your company, your opinion and preferences about a product, your communication preferences, your feedback about our services or our organisation.

We also collect the information that you provide to us when you use the contact forms on our website or when you contact our media relations or on paper forms that we ask you to fill during events such as fairs or other marketing events you participate in.

Indirectly, through other sources
We also collect information about you indirectly, for example when you browse Givaudan websites, subscribe to our feeds on social media, or otherwise use our network infrastructure and the technology we make available to you. We collect logs about your use of the network, our website (e.g. your view or click on specific content or links or when you click on social media plugins) or the platforms, applications or other solutions we ask you to connect to. We may also collect information such as your IP address, device browser and operating system when you connect to our network infrastructure. We also use cookies to enhance your browsing experience on our websites. Please visit our Cookies policy for more information about how to manage your online privacy.

We also collect information about you from third parties when we acquire other companies for example or from publicly available sources such as information about you made available on your company’s website, or from public registries such as Commercial Registry if such is required to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

When your company wishes to enter into a business relationship with Givaudan, we may perform a third party due diligence during which your company may provide us with information about you such as general background information, your business experience and qualifications, your curriculum vitae, financial interests you may have as a director or officer of your company, any relationship with public officials you may have as well as information about actual criminal convictions, if any, and subject to any restrictions under applicable data protection law.

What do we do with it?

We collect and use your personal data for our legitimate interest to:

Manage and maintain our business relationship, including to create and maintain an account in our systems, or to designate you as the contact person for specific business interactions (e.g. when you are designated as the person responsible for commercial questions, payments)

Manage your orders: for example to ship and process samples or final products and inform you about the status of your order

Deliver with excellence through our customer care, for example to address any queries you may have and record and share internally such queries to better answer them and improve our products and services in the future

Analyse your feedback and opinion about our products in order to always improve them or develop new ones

Improve your experience on our websites

Manage your inquiries when contacting our media or investors relations or when contacting us via the contact form on our website or when using one of our channels for raising complaints

Send you marketing communications and newsletters about our activities and products that may be of interest to you in the course of our business relationship or when you so requested

We may also share your personal data with:

Givaudan affiliates in order to deliver you better services. As a global company, our employees in various sites may need access to your personal data in order to deliver you better services through streamlined processes.

Third party service providers that provide solutions and services for our organisation to help us delivering with excellence. For example, these services providers may help us to (i) deliver emails or other communications, (ii) develop and host some of our solutions (iii) provide customer services or payment services or (iv) assist us in background checks, fraud prevention and risk assessment.

We may also share your personal data:

  • in connection or in the course of a merger or a sale or acquisition of a business
  • when we are legally required to do so by a competent authority.

We do not sell your personal data to third parties.

How is it protected – Security of your personal data

We consider your personal data as confidential information. We deploy technical and organisational measures to secure your personal data and ensure that it is protected from unlawful access, alteration and loss. Organisational measures mean for example that we ensure that only the persons who need to do so for business purposes, have access to your personal data. Technical measures mean that we perform regular checks on our infrastructures but also on our service providers to ensure that they comply with Givaudan security policies.

Your rights

You are in control of your personal data.

Right to access and to correct. You have the right to request a copy of the personal data we hold about you by contacting us. We make regular checks to ensure we keep your personal data up-to-date. However, we need your help in doing this, so please contact us if you want to correct personal data that you have provided us with.

Right to object and to restrict. You have the right at any time to object to the processing of your personal data (e.g. when you do not wish to receive direct marketing communications or newsletters from us). Under certain circumstances, you also have the right to obtain the restriction of the processing of your personal data (e.g. until an inaccuracy in your personal data is corrected by us following your request).

Right to erasure. If you no longer wish us to process your personal data, you may contact us. We may however retain certain of your personal data for compliance with applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with our data retention rules.

Right to lodge a complaint. We make our best to be transparent, protect your personal data and offer you as much control as we can. If however you deem that we did not do it in compliance with applicable privacy and data protection laws, you can contact us. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection supervisory authority in your country or in the country where your Data Controller is located.

Right to control Cookies and other technologies on our websites. When you first visit our websites, you are asked to consent to the use of cookies and other technologies. You can manage your choice at any time. Please visit our Cookies policy to learn how to keep control of your online activity.

Other important information

Data retention
We retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary for each of the purposes outlined above. We may however retain certain of your personal data for compliance with applicable laws and regulations (e.g. for tax and audit purposes) and in accordance with our data retention rules. Where it is no longer required to retain data that can still identify you, we will either erase, anonymise or aggregate it so that you may no longer be identifiable as a single individual.

International data transfers
We operate as a global company and rely on service providers to support our global solutions. Your personal data may be transferred to another country other than the one you reside in. We ensure, however, that such international data transfer is made in compliance with applicable data protection laws.

Changes to this Notice 

The most recent version of this Notice is on this page. We may modify this Notice at any time without notice, except if such modifications contain substantial changes that may affect individuals’ rights under applicable privacy and data protection laws, in which case you will be notified of such changes at the beginning of this page.


In case you have further questions about this Notice, please get in touch with our Group Data Protection Officer. You can also write to us at:

Givaudan International SA

Attn: Group Data Protection Officer
Chemin de la Parfumerie 5
1214 Vernier


* Does not apply to employees or candidates 
Approved: 27 November 2017
Last updated: 25 May 2018