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Harnessing the best of nature to deliver safe, effective nutraceuticals

Balance, wellbeing and harmony: these are all key priorities for today’s health-conscious consumers.


Givaudan’s nutraceuticals are perfectly in tune with their needs, offering botanical solutions that deliver safe and effective benefits.

Aligned with major health trends

Givaudan’s nutraceutical extracts are derived from plants selected for their scientifically proven and intuitive health benefits. Our experts travel the world looking for new sources of botanical ingredients, some of which are very familiar to consumers, while others are less well known and at the cutting edge of plant science.

Our extracts offer benefits aligned with major wellbeing trends, including immune, cognitive, intimate and physical health. All harness the power of nature to provide solutions to common health concerns without the side-effects sometimes associated with pharmaceuticals.

Clinically proven or intuitive: we’ve got it covered

Many of our nutraceutical ingredients are subjected to extensive clinical testing in order to validate their efficacy levels. We have commissioned numerous clinical trials, with many already published in reputable, peer-reviewed academic journals. These ingredients address health categories ranging from heart health to cognitive and urinary health. Others are prized for their intuitive benefits, with a strong reputation for efficacy based on cultural heritage and history of traditional use and can address major trends such as energy and relaxation.

Pouring drink in a glass

Let’s co-create

Our nutraceuticals are perfect for use in dietary supplements, but capsules aren’t for everyone. Many younger consumers, in particular, prefer their nutrition to be delivered in more experiential formats, so we also supply ingredient solutions suitable for inclusion in food and beverage products.

Givaudan has complete co-creation capabilities. As well as botanicals with health benefits, we offer a wide selection of natural plant-based ingredients that deliver great flavour, texture and colour. Our formulation experts will be happy to explore application opportunities with you.

    Our nutraceutical solutions

    Gut and immunity

    Gut and immunity

    A healthy gut and an immune system that functions normally are wellbeing fundamentals – and Givaudan offers natural solutions that deliver both.

    Mind and energy

    Mind and energy

    Attention, focus, mood and performance – our portfolio of cognitive health ingredients helps keep the mind sharp and energy levels high.

    Intimate health

    Intimate health

    Intimate health issues are very common – and our range of natural ingredients offers effective solutions without undesirable side effects.

    Physical health

    Physical health

    Heart health, weight management and healthy ageing – our botanicals for physical wellbeing focus on top consumer priorities for healthy living.

    Transparency and trust

    Trust is essential and that’s where you can always rely on Givaudan. With market-leading levels of supply chain transparency, our nutraceuticals are sold with full authentication, guaranteeing total purity and consistent standardisation of those all-important active compounds. Our ID packs provide full details on the laboratory identification methods for full transparency.

    The raw materials we use are grown by farmers we know and trust, or wild-harvested from sustainable sources. They are processed in facilities that operate to the highest standards of safety and quality. Sustainability is central to everything we do, and we take extensive steps to manage our environmental footprint to benefit the communities where we work.

    Get in touch today to discuss the ways we can help you to develop your next successful nutraceutical product – from the ground up.



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