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Capturing the essence of the sea

Shrimp soup
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Strengthening our capabilities
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Straight from the ocean, our natural seafood solutions delight consumers with their fresh and authentic taste.

We are constantly looking for new ways to enhance our portfolio and offer customers the best possible solutions. In 2017, Givaudan acquired Activ International to strengthen our capabilities in marine extracts and seafood flavours.

With significant expertise in these areas, as well as in grill flavours, Activ brought a complementary range of savoury flavours and products; and expanded our range of clean and clear label solutions. 

Our portfolio
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Our portfolio

Inspired by the growing demand for authentic, natural flavours, our new selection of high quality marine extracts provides fresh and genuine seafood profiles for your products and consumer-friendly labelling.

These extracts are available as a liquid or powder, with or without added salt. All are undiluted and come with a clear label declaration (e.g. lobster extract). The range includes crab, clam, cod, pollock, scallop, shrimp, lobster, salmon, langoustine, oyster and tuna.

“Activ seafood extracts have captured the essence of the sea. They take me back to the days of being a chef on the west coast of Canada and allow me to create and add authentic seafood profiles to my dishes, bringing the fresh taste of the sea to the plate.”

Simon, Givaudan Development Chef

Traceability and sustainability

The journey of our products throughout the entire supply chain, from sourcing to selling, is extremely important to us. All of our seafood can be traced to its precise fishing zone:

Western Central Pacific Clams
Northeast Atlantic Pollock, cod, scallop, crab, shrimp, salmon and langoustine
Northwest Atlantic Lobster
Northwest Pacific Oyster
Western Indian Ocean Tuna
Responsible sourcing
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Fish and seafood products are becoming increasingly popular as a healthier alternative to meat, but global supplies are limited.


Givaudan adheres to a strict set of practices to ensure that our materials are responsibly sourced. We work with local suppliers who have strong business ethics and understand the need to preserve the environment. 

Some of our extracts are due to receive MSC certification (a science-based set of standards for sustainable fishing defined by the Marine Stewardship Council) by the end of 2018.

Read more about MSC certification

Watch the video
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Addressing the consumer demand for healthy and natural products by offering the best solutions directly from the sea.

Customised solutions for every need
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Technical innovation

Activ pioneered a complex natural extraction process that minimises environmental impact and yields 100% natural seafood ingredients that capture the essence of each species.

Solutions for every need

Today, consumers are looking for healthy, tasty, natural and minimally processed foods that reflect culinary traditions. Our marine extracts and seafood flavours meet these needs and they can be used in many different ways, due to their versatility.

The flavours blend easily into local recipes. They can be added to ready meals, soups, spreads, surimi sticks and more, or they could even form the basis of dishes such as lobster bisque, cod brandade, bouillabaisse, or green crab and onion.

Givaudan also offers customised options, enabling you to delight consumers with unique, tailor-made products.

Your partner for healthy and natural marine extracts and seafood flavours.