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Givaudan Story

Naturally delivering superior mouthfeel with Sense Texture

  • Meeting your texture challenges
  • Naturally creating the perfect texture in your application
  • Quillaia extracts for natural emulsification and foaming
  • Oats deliver the ultimate texture – and more
Meeting your texture challenges
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Soft, smooth, creamy, foamy, chewy, crunchy. How do you like yours? Great taste is essential – but it isn’t everything. The right texture is equally important to guarantee a full 360° enjoyable eating and drinking experience.

Givaudan’s plant-based natural texturisers and emulsifiers from oats and quillaia promise superior texture every time. Create clean label food and beverage products that deliver a superb mouthfeel and first-class functionality with Sense Texture.

Meeting your texture challenges

Nature offers highly effective, consumer-friendly texturising and emulsification solutions that deliver perfect mouthfeel. Our experts have harnessed these to create a portfolio of clean label plant-based ingredients from oats and quillaia that will take the quality of your food and beverage products to the next level.

Sense Texture capabilities

Naturally creating the perfect texture in your application
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Naturally creating the perfect texture in your application

Let us help you to identify the perfect natural texturising and emulsification solutions for your products. We offer:

  • A secure and sustainable supply of raw materials, sourced in line with industry-leading sustainability practices.
  • Proven plant-based ingredients backed by sensory and stability tests – conducted in application.
  • Formulation know-how to help you to achieve your performance goals.
  • Regulatory expertise to ensure compliance for your label-friendly solutions.

We offer full technical and application support to help you overcome your mouthfeel and texture challenges with clean label oat and quillaia extracts that consumers will trust.

Sense Texture applications

Get in touch to find out more about how you can achieve superior texture and emulsification – naturally.


Quillaia extracts for natural emulsification and foaming
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Inner bark quillaia

Quillaia extracts for natural emulsification and foaming

Givaudan offers two purified non-GMO quillaia bark extracts sustainably sourced and produced in Chile, where the quillaia tree is native. Sapnov™ delivers excellent emulsifying capabilities in beverages, confectionery and ice cream. UPtaia™ offers enhanced foaming in all types of beverages.

    Oats deliver the ultimate texture – and more
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    Oats deliver the ultimate texture – and more

    SWEOAT® is a premium oat-based ingredient solution available in oat bran, flour and oil delivery formats. It is a high-performance thickener, emulsifier and stabiliser, and suitable for use in a wide range of food and beverage applications. 

    Oats in bowl

    As well as market-leading functionality, SWEOAT® offers all the health benefits associated with oats and is perfectly aligned with today’s plant-based trends. It makes an excellent fat replacer, too. Oats enjoy very high levels of consumer awareness and acceptability, which means SWEOAT® ingredients are an ideal choice for clean label strategies.


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