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The Sweet Life Experience

  • Life is the sweetest experience of all
Life is the sweetest experience of all
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Life is the sweetest experience of all

Your 4-step mini-course

Learn from Givaudan experts

Short. Simple. Packed with added value but less added sugar.

Expand your knowledge and create delectable sweet experiences that feel good and do good for your customers.

Brought to you by Givaudan experts from Consumer Sensory Insights, Research and Development, and Marketing and Product Management teams, you will learn how a sprinkling of our expertise, analysis and sugar-reduced solutions can help you create tasty, nutritionally balanced recipes.

What will you learn?  

Lesson 01 : The experience of mindful eating
Lesson 02 : Exploring sweetness through science
Lesson 03 : Reducing sugar in delectable beverages
Lesson 04 : Formulating sugar-reduced products