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High-protein drinks are shaking up the beverage industry

Nutritional beverages with high protein content are becoming ever more popular for sports and a healthy fix on the go.

Producers are still facing challenges, though, in terms of flavour and texture. Using our knowledge and technologies, we are on a mission to deliver great taste in high protein drinks, and we have solutions for both dairy and plant proteins.

What’s driving the surge in demand for nutritional beverages?

Our recent consumer insights work showed that consumers select high protein drinks for various reasons:

  • Muscle-building
  • As an on-the-go breakfast or lunch substitute
  • For overall health maintenance and nutrition support
  • To help stave off hunger (as the drinks are quite filling)
  • To feel more energetic  

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Enlightening research

Givaudan has carried out extensive research into this interesting and fast-evolving market.

We found that, although consumers appreciate the benefits of high-protein drinks, they are often disappointed by the taste.

Common complaints include a chalky or powdery texture, off-notes or bitterness. And while their first purchase may be driven by the health benefits of the product, without great taste there won’t be a repeat purchase.

What consumers are really searching for are drinks with an authentic, natural taste and a creamy texture.

Innovative solutions

Using these insights and our innovative capabilities, we have created a range of targeted solutions that specifically address these issues. This enables our customers to deliver products with the brilliant taste and smooth, silky texture that consumers are looking for. Our solutions also offer manufacturing benefits, as they help to simplify the development and production process.

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Requirements for great tasting nutritional beverages

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