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The plant-based foodservice revolution is here

Discover exquisite plant-based desserts, inspired by recipes crafted by passionate chefs.

Strawberry cake

On our journey to satisfy a new generation of plant-curious consumers, we're helping you create innovative food experiences that taste and feel as good as dairy. And our capabilities are boundless. We've got the creativity, inspiration and industry know-how to embrace this new type of consumer.  

    Discover our new recipes

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    Cooking with Plant Attitude
    Foodservice: vegan sweet treat

    Join the plant-based foodservice revolution

    See our chefs in action, and discover how our exciting new recipe concepts offer delicious taste and multisensory satisfaction. And if you are in the foodservice, or hospitality industry, discover how our solutions for plant-based creams, milk and condensed milk can help you create food experiences that taste and feel great! 

    Ready to co-create diverse moments of lasting delight for consumers?