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Getting it done with our partners

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Our partners
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Collaboration is vital to achieving our bold ambition to become climate positive before 2050.

The human relationships which are at the heart of our business make us an empathetic collaborator that truly cares about people and their needs. We’re proud to be working in collaboration with world-class expert partners who are helping scale-up our impact. 

In the first chapter of our latest video series, which explores how we’re accelerating climate action across the world, we’re interviewing some of the partners we are collaborating with on this journey, discussing our work together and exploring the collective role of businesses in tackling the climate emergency. 

Partner-led initiatives
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Partner-led initiatives

From our work with WBCSD through its SOS 1.5 project, Natural Climate Solutions and our collaboration on Vision 2050: Time to transform, to working together to tackle deforestation with the Alliance for the Preservation of Forests, through to our ongoing work with the Givaudan Foundation, watch more here.