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A five-pillar strategy supports all our sustainability efforts

Operating a sustainable business model is central to our corporate vision. This means meeting the needs of the planet, including the people living on it, while running a viable, profitable business.

To work towards meeting these needs, we have developed an overarching sustainability vision across five ambitious strategic pillars, representing all aspects of our business. Based on this framework, we have long-term aspirations and strategies for our five pillars. Our ultimate vision includes reaching a point where our business operates with zero carbon, zero waste and zero incidents.

Innovation and development
Customers and markets



Our vision – We source materials in ways that preserve our environment, stimulate the development and well-being of communities and safeguard the efficient use of precious resources.

We are amongst the world’s largest purchasers of raw materials in the fragrance and flavour industries and recognise that we have an ethical and commercial responsibility in the supply chains in which we operate. Using over 10,000 different ingredients in our fragrance and flavour products, from more than 100 countries, it is critical that we have a deep understanding of our raw materials supply chains. It is also fundamental that we identify, and mitigate, potential risks to their continued and sustainable supply.

Ultimate aspirations

  • Source materials that can be sustained by nature.
  • Provenance and footprint of raw materials are known.
  • Suppliers selected and audited on sustainability performance.
  • Offer support to suppliers.
  • Committed to preserving biodiversity and culture.


  • Expanding our responsible sourcing initiatives ensures security of supply.
  • Working with our suppliers on sustainability throughout our value chains contributes to our customers increasing supply chain requirements.
  • Conducting regular reviews of our portfolio and implementing improvements through our ethical sourcing initiatives.
  • Gather information on the origin of our ingredients to contribute to regulatory requirements, food safety and issue management.

Our KPIs and progress in 2015

Communicate with all suppliers about procurement requirements relating to social responsibility

The Vendor Expectation document was revised to reflect supply chain risks such as anti-corruption, money laundering and human trafficking. A link to the revised document is sent to all existing and new suppliers as part of our procurement process, which has been in place since 2014.

Conduct audits with 200 of our top 400 suppliers by 2015; 200 of our top 400 suppliers to have joined the Sedex programme by 2015

192 suppliers have been audited, and 322 suppliers are now on Sedex (including indirect material and services suppliers).

Identify and develop additional ethical sourcing initiatives

  • Our dedicated Origination teams, based in our countries of origin, continued working to establish collection networks to source natural ingredients directly from producers.
  • Our project pipeline has continuously evolved and expanded since 2008.

Develop third-party certification projects for raw materials

  • We provided continued support to a cooperative of three villages and a local distiller to grow and distil certified ESR vetiver (according to Ecocert standards).
  • In 2015, we continued evaluating additional supply chains to be certified.

Continue to build, repair and maintain schools in our vanilla sourcing areas in Madagascar

To date, we have been involved in the construction or repair and maintenance of 18 schools in Madagascar.

Other key achievements

  • We have created the new position of Responsible Sourcing Lead, in order to further enhance our commitment to responsible sourcing.
  • We continued to source certified sustainable palm (kernel) oil and derivatives.



Our vision – We attract, develop and retain, talented, creative professionals who feel passionate and proud of the work they do in our company and who are empowered to contribute to a sustainable society.

As the leading employer in our industry, with a workforce of more than 9,000 employees, providing our colleagues a safe and healthy working environment, where people can be given the opportunity to apply their talent and succeed and grow in their roles, is important to us.

Ultimate aspirations

  • An attractive place to work for everyone.
  • Healthy work-life balance for all employees.
  • A representative workforce.
  • Educated and empowered to contribute to a sustainable society.
  • Community engagement.
  • Responsible, transparent and accountable in everything we do.


  • Engage employees in sustainability thinking and practices.
  • Reduce incidents by strengthening workplace environment, safety behaviour and awareness.
  • Implement local Green Teams to take local ownership of the Sustainability programme and support local sustainability opportunities.
  • Embrace diversity throughout our organisation and create a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Work together with our local communities on projects and causes that benefit the communities where we work.

Our KPIs and progress in 2015

Launch of the Givaudan leadership framework with the roll out of the first two programmes in 2015

Approximately 150 employees attended the first two courses of our Leadership Senses programme in 2015.

Investing in Green Team network and collaboration

The 2015 Executive Committee Green Team Awards were distributed in each of the three award categories:

  • manufacturing site;
  • commercial site;
  • eco-efficiency project.

Senior leadership positions will represent the wider Givaudan workforce

The current percentage of female employees in Givaudan’s senior leadership positions has increased to 20.7% in 2015, an improvement on last year’s performance.

Lost time injury (LTI) rate below 0.1 by 2020

Our LTI rate reduced by 59% against our 2009 baseline. However it increased by 17% since 2014.

All populations in scope of annual performance and development discussions by end 2016

At end of 2015 6,579 of the employees used our ‘Engage’ platform for their annual performance and development plans.

Build partnerships with non-profit organisations and work on charitable themes: blindness, family nutrition, supporting local communities

We provided continued support for charitable commitments.

Other key achievements

We published our new Employer Value Proposition (EVP) in 2015, which includes our promise to current and future employees that they will be able to impact their world.

We launched several initiatives in 2015 to increase collaboration and inclusiveness throughout the Company. These included:

  • rolling out recognition programmes in Asia Pacific and Latin America that reward employees who demonstrate best practice in applying what we call the Givaudan DNA;
  • running coffee networking events, ‘lunch & learns’ and open door mentoring in North America;
  • running Mindset of Best meetings between the management and employees.


Innovation and development

Our vision – Givaudan leads in creating consumer-preferred flavours and fragrances that are designed and developed in line with sustainability principles in order to satisfy current and future needs.

With thousands of flavours and fragrances being developed at Givaudan each year, it is critical to our long-term success that we have sustainable and efficient research and creation processes in place.

Ultimate aspirations

  • 100% sustainable by design.
  • Smart sustainable creation.
  • Number 1 partner on delivering sustainable solutions.
  • Innovation focuses on engaging the senses to contribute to health, hygiene and wellness for a crowded, equitable planet.


  • Continue to supply products, which are safe for people and the environment.
  • Ensure Givaudan products are safe for people and the environment when used as intended.
  • Full regulatory compliance of all products.
  • Ensure our products are not persistent in the environment after their use.
  • Reduce animal testing and develop alternative test methods.
  • Create superior products in a sustainable way.
  • Promote health and wellness through our products.
  • Do more with less, promoting innovative design based on concentrated quality and compacted fragrances.

Our KPIs and progress in 2015

Fragrance Division compliance with European REACH registrations as they become applicable in 2018

We continue to work towards achieving our REACH compliance goals. From the inception of REACH, through pre-registration and two phase-in registration deadlines we have met our objectives. We are now working towards fulfilling our registration requirements ahead of the 2018 deadline.

KeratinoSens® to become a globally recognised standard in-vitro test for assessing skin sensitisation, with pending validation from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) by 2016

  • The OECD validated and adopted our KeratinoSens® test method in February 2015. During the remainder of 2015 we rolled-out our methodology to about 30 laboratories worldwide. It is now used globally.
  • Our in-vitro skin sensitisation work won the Lush Black Box prize, aimed at stimulating worldwide research on human toxicity pathways, with a view to replacing animal tests in toxicology. Givaudan is one of four organisations sharing this prize.

Enable our customers to develop healthier, great tasting products

In 2015, we expanded our business around TasteSolutions® Richness, our flavour solution that captures the authentic flavours of home-made cooking for use in prepared foods. TasteSolutions® Richness also allows our customers to reduce their reliance on salt and other traditional taste ingredients in their products and meet consumers’ demands for healthier products.

Other key achievements

  • Using our biotechnology expertise, we launched our new active cosmetic ingredient, Mariliance™.
  • Using Green Chemistry principles, we demonstrated continued progress with Process Mass Intensity (E‑factor reduction) across process development.
  • All of our in-vitro methods have been implemented into a workflow for early assessment of new fragrance ingredients. This supports our design-to-safety approach for delivering novel ingredients with a particularly good profile of environmental and human safety.
  • We completed our acquisition of Induchem. In combination with Soliance, acquired last year, this forms the new Active Cosmetic Ingredients business within the Fragrance Division.
  • We successfully launched the Compliance Engine, our state-of-the-art, automated platform for regulatory compliance management in flavour ingredients and formulas.
  • Our collaboration with the University of California, Riverside (UCR) demonstrates commitment to UCR’s citrus research and sustainability efforts.
  • Representatives of the Flavour Division were invited to present Givaudan’s salt reduction capabilities at a conference organised by Università Cattolica S.Cuore, in Cremona. At this conference, salt reduction experts showcased Givaudan’s TasteSolutions® capabilities to more than 70 senior representatives from the Italian processed meat industry.



Our vision – We continuously drive operational excellence without compromising the environment, the health and well-being of our employees, or the communities in which we operate.

Ultimate aspirations

Incidents: through our 'Zero is possible' behavioural-based safety awareness programme, our aim is to foster an even stronger culture in which every employee is responsible for their own safety and for the safety of the people around them.

Carbon: our focus is on reducing carbon emissions as far as possible. We are determined to achieve year-on-year improvements, with an end goal of zero carbon emissions.

Waste: our philosophy encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that waste generation is minimised, with any unavoidable waste products being reused or recycled. Our end goal is to achieve zero waste.

Water stewardship: achievable through more efficient water usage and also looking at our water and waste water from a management overview perspective.

Regarded as a good neighbour: we believe in actively listening to the needs and concerns of our neighbours in all communities in which we operate, while designing our processes to minimise noise and odour emissions.

Most efficient product packaging and distribution: we are working with our purchasing and logistics departments to ensure that our packaging and distribution is becoming as efficient as possible.


  • Improve eco-efficiency of factory manufacturing sites with a focus on greenhouse gas emissions, waste and water and reduce our overall footprint against a 2009 baseline focusing on eco-efficiency for energy, carbon emissions, incinerated and land-filled waste and municipal and groundwater.
  • Sustainable logistics offers opportunities to improve the efficiency through reduced fuel usage and therefore lower transport costs.

Our KPIs and progress in 2015

Per tonne of product against 2009 baseline

Energy consumption: 20% reduction, per tonne of product by 2020

  • 15.4% reduction in energy consumption

Water use: 15% reduction, per tonne of product, by 2020 (for municipal and groundwater)

  • 10.4% reduction in municipal and groundwater use

Direct and indirect CO2 emissions: 25% reduction, per tonne of product, by 2020 (indirect relates to purchased energy and not energy used by others e.g. our raw materials suppliers)

  • 30.9% reduction in direct and indirect CO2 emissions

Total weight of incinerated and land-filled waste by type and disposal: 15% reduction, per tonne of product, by 2020

  • Our total weight of incinerated and land-filled waste decreased by 42.8%

Given that we have achieved half of our 2020 eco-efficiency targets by the end of 2015, we saw the opportunity to be more ambitious. 

Our revised 2020 eco-efficiency targets are as follows:

  • Stabilise our carbon footprint by reducing our absolute CO2 emissions by at least 4% year on year in order to compensate for our growing production volumes
  • Reduce our waste production and energy consumption per tonne of product by 4% year on year
  • Reduce our water usage by 15% per tonne of product between 2010 and 2020*
* This target remains unchanged compared to the original 2020 eco-efficiency target for water announced in 2010.


Customers and markets

Our vision – We actively engage with our customers to ensure that our products meet the demand for the health and well-being of people and preserve our planet. We do this by encouraging our business partners to support our goals throughout the complete lifecycle of their products.

An open and committed engagement with our customers on common goals regarding the health and well-being of people and planet is the only way we will successfully progress in the future on our sustainability journey.

Ultimate aspirations

  • No negative impact in customers' products throughout the sustainability life cycle.
  • Customers with a common vision.
  • Socially responsible products and services.
  • Informed consumers.


  • Foster customer partnerships to share responsibility through product lifecycle.
  • Engage with customers to develop new technologies for healthier and sustainable products.

Our KPIs and progress in 2015

Establish joint initiatives to further progress towards Givaudan sustainability targets and those of our partners

  • As an active member of AIM-PROGRESS, Givaudan hosted a Responsible Sourcing event in Seville. During the event, we demonstrated the improvements made in the harvesting process of Cistus Labdanum.
  • We were awarded the RAPS excellence award by Reckitt Benckiser.
  • Givaudan was recognised as a member of the American Cleaning Institute’s sustainability programme in North America.
  • Our partnership with the Natural Resource Stewardship Circle (NRSC) focused on initiatives around vetiver, ylang ylang, palm oil and styrax.

All Givaudan manufacturing sites to be SMETA compliant

  • At the end of 2015, 19 of our 20 Flavour Division sites were compliant with SMETA.
  • We initiated our SMETA audit schedule in our Fragrance Division, with 9 sites of 13 audited in 2015. To date, 8 of these sites are compliant with SMETA.

Other key achievements

  • The Givaudan Flavour Division has brought the industry together to debate new health and wellness trends.
  • We extended CSPO Mass Balance certification and segregated ingredients certification for palm derived ingredients in European Flavour sites.
  • Our European Flavour manufacturing sites are all RSPO Mass Balance supply chain certified.
  • We participated in a panel about multi-stakeholder partnerships at COP21 in Paris.
  • During a successful workshop with representatives from the German food and beverage industry, we discussed topics including health and wellness trends, such as regulations and sustainability.
  • The implementation of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) in the US has standardised the way Givaudan communicates about hazards to employees and customers around the world.
  • Our Naarden manufacturing site received the UTZ coffee certification.