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Upcycled vetiver roots deliver sustainable beauty ingredients

Vetivyne™ isn’t just a new cosmetic ingredient offering powerful beauty benefits – it is an exemplary model of our sustainability approach that builds synergies between Fragrances and Active Beauty.

Vetiver roots

Vetivyne™ is a fully natural, concentrated, odour-free active ingredient and offers clinically proven anti-ageing benefits and properties that enhance fragrance wear. By acting on skin lipids, it enhances skin hydration and suppleness while removing wrinkles.

The ingredient was discovered when our scientists and sustainability experts investigated a water-soluble extract from exhausted Haitian vetiver roots, themselves a side-stream of the production of vetiver oil for fragrances. They used the ground-breaking approach of ‘upcycling’, or creative re-use, which involves turning side stream waste materials into new materials or products of improved quality and environmental value. The process aims to reduce waste and minimise environmental impact.

The vetiver roots are certified Fair For Life, an organic and fair trade standard. Over the years, we have been actively supporting a local cooperative of vetiver roots producers through our Responsible Sourcing programme Sourcing4Good in Haiti. This way, we ensure the social and environmental responsibility of vetiver production, enabling perfumers and formulators to craft the most inspiring products from responsibly-sourced vetiver.

This initiative aligns with our commitment to sustainability and consumers’ demand for products that are both highly effective and produced responsibly; hence, it is no surprise that it won first prize in the Natural Products, Raw Materials, actives category at the 16th European BSB Innovation awards.

“We deeply believe in the synergies between the beauty and fragrance worlds. Vetivyne™ exemplifies the many possibilities we have in creating innovative and disrupting ingredients which fulfils our commitment to offer not only efficient, but also natural and sustainable products for our customers.”

Laurent, Head of Active Beauty

This innovation allows us find two applications from just one source. This concept aims to use all parts of the plant to optimise the usage and reduce waste.