Givaudan FlavorFinders™

A fresh strategy to complement your next product launch

Consumer segmentation meets flavor in this unique research-backed, patent pending segmentation tool.

Have you ever wondered why some people find new food experiences thrilling and others find them terrifying? Are there ‘flavor personality’ traits that can be segmented just like behavioral traits? What if understanding these traits could help increase your chances of product success?

Givaudan has long recognized meaningful consumer segmentation is essential in designing successful new products. In partnership with Bellomy, we applied this practice to flavor preferences specifically, producing a complementary segmentation tool founded on more than a decade of research. Understanding how to meet specific consumers where they are - on their own flavor adoption curve - adds a layer of understanding that can strengthen your flavor strategy.  

We’re happy to share our findings with the release of our white paper: “FlavorFinders™ Consumer Segmentation Meets Flavor”.

FlavorFinders™ Consumer Segmentation Meets Flavor



Discover how FlavorFinders™ can further complement your brand’s growth strategy

Watch our webinar to learn how you can use this cutting edge segmentation tool to build better and more consumer relevant flavor strategies – regardless of demographics.

FlavorFinders™ webinar